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Tutorial - WordLinx : Earn money with Pay To Click (PTC)

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Last Update : 01st July 2016 - version 1.60


NOTE IMPORTANTE : J'ai orienté mon dévolu sur une autre plateforme. Si vous souhaitez toujours gagner de l'argent avec le Marketing Multi-Niveaux, alors, veuillez lire l'article à propos de FutureNET qui est aussi un réseau social, une plateforme de publicité, qui a développé sa propre cryptomonnaie, alors, veuillez lire  : ICI et vous inscrire si vous le souhaitez où je suis inscris depuis Mars 2016.


Secondly, I would inform that this is a presentation of the interface with some explanations from me and my experience on this platform. This is changing as I will update all of my earnings and experience that I have this site and its possibilities by Addenda. I do not claim to earn thousands or even hundreds of dollars, but yet earn between 0 and pennies and a few dollars, it might be the beginning of wealth!

I - Do you want make money on line by clicking on adverts ?

WordLinx is ads system that use pay-To-click.(PTC). 

You will pay once you will have click on ads. If you do not do this, this is not the trouble to read this article and register.

You will earn money by other methods such as:

  • clicking on Adverts, 
  • Advertising your own websites or blogs, 
  • Advertising others websites where you are registered, 
  • New referrals, 
  • or again others options on WordLinx website !

II - How do I sign up with referral link ? 

So start by registering with the link below which is a referral link, ie d inherent in my personal account. I earn gains by the work that you perform with WordLinx ! You will understand by this tutorial that is essential to register in this way because they are your downline that will save you money and also from other sources of income.

Before you register, you must understand what is a referral link. Whoever signs up with a referral link will be called a referral. Due to his work he will perform with this application, you will earn money without doing anything. This has never been your dream to earn money falling from the sky, right?

I will therefore  win, earnings by the work that you perform with Probux! Ditto when it will be a referral who will register with your referral link. To do this, please refer to the table below, or on the site itself of ProBux for advantages. To register with confidence, please visit this site using my referral link below:

Sign Up with my WordLinx referral link : HERE

III - Banners & links tab : 

In Referral link/tab, spread your referral link on social media :

Obviously, social networks should be known on the lip is a little longer because of the number and the strategy to adopt, but it is not very complicated either.

As recommended in the article below, you are encouraged to use sites that allow the exchange of traffic.

The page in english on WordLinx :
Translate in french of this page : HERE

You can see your referral link as well as banners in different formats. Here, examples of flash banners known as the "splash page"

Below, the content of any advertising banners would be this:

Join today - it's free!
Get paid to view adverts 

WordLinx - Get Paid To Click


WordLinx - Get Paid To Click

Just $0.00 Each

WordLinx - Buy Real Visitors


WordLinx - Get Paid To Click


WordLinx - Get Paid To Click


WordLinx - Get Paid To Click

IV - Referral tab :

In this section you can learn how it works in English on the website: HERE, and French: HERE

You can see the synopsis by visiting this address: HERE

In the screenshot below, I have already received a first referral registered with my referral link.

IV - 1 - Location de filleuls :

IMPORTANTE NOTE : From 15th of the month, beside Referrals tab, you can see appear Sales! where you can rent referrals during 2 month with advantages very important (see screenshot)  ; I have chosen 27.00$ package with 100 referrals, if you want more information about the additional benefits, you can find them on this topic of Wordlinx forum : ICI

The tab Referrals become Referrals - Sales!
Two choices :
Premium Referrals

Available to upgraded members only.
Cheap Referrals

Available to all WordLinx members.

Les avantages énoncés ci-dessous : 

Active referred members! at least 50% have logged in and clicked adverts this month. Exclusive to WordLinx
Multiple way to earn! Make money when your referrals click paid adverts AND buy advertising AND upgrade ! > Details
Standard ad credits included that can be used to advertise your own website or affiliate links. Exclusive to WordLinx.
MoreShare discount code! A massive 50% OFF high quality advertising from MoreShare > Details  Exclusive to WordLinx
Refban discount code! A massive 50% EXTRA when you buy advertising from Refban. > Details Exclusive to WordLinx

Mon paiement avec Paypal

IV - 2 - Gains avec la location de filleuls :

à venir ...

V - Browse Ads tab :

I should have started with this tab to show you how we earn money by clicking ads, but I wanted this order. 

To start with WordLink, you must go to the Browse Ads tab: HERE

Here are the screenshots in a day to see how it works to earn money by clicking ads as a member account :

1 - Cliquez sur le lien Browse Ads

2 - Cliquez sur le bouton jaune

3 - Laissez défiler les 30 secondes

4 - Cliquez sur Remove frame en haut à gauche

5 - Le paiment s'est mis à jour
en haut à gauche dans Cash
Voir la première copie d'écran

Here are the screenshots in a day to see how it works to earn money by clicking ads as a Pro account :

VI - Advertise tab : 

To start advertising adverts, advertising texts (or in future because it is not yet fully developed) email advertisements, please go to this address: HERE

To understand the principle, which is roughly speaking, to pay an advertising campaign to increase your traffic and collect new referrals obtained through your referral link which in turn will perform all the work I describe in articles about of WordLinx. Please follow the following steps:

Addendum 17/01/2013 :  

Advertise et 
Create a New Text Link

exemple et Saisir le texte et le lien

Valider le texte


Confirmation par courriel

création d'une campagne

Cochez les cases notamment pour surligner

Campagne approuvée en Action

Campagne approuvée en action + F5

Convertir en Standard Ad credits en micro ad credits


VII - My Account tab :

VII - 1 - Features Chart :

Comparative table in English
Verified Buyer Status - Tells advertisers you can buy onlinex
Verified Buyer Targeting -Target adverts at other Verified Buyers x  
Unique Visitor Targeting - Members can only visit once per campaign x x
Unlocked Regional Targeting - Target regions with any credit typexx
Convert Credits - Change between Standard / Mini / Microxx
Per Referral Click - Earned when refs click adverts3%10%20%
Per Referral Sale - Earned when refs buy advertising3%10%20%
Referral Upgrades (3 Levels!)  - Earned when refs or their refs upgrade$0.30 each$1.00 each$2.00 each
Referral VL Upgrades - Earned when refs upgrade to Verified Life$3 each$10 each$20 each
Referral PY Upgrades - Earned when refs upgrade to Pro Yearly$3 each$10 each$20 each
Maximum Referrals - Total amount of people you can referUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Standard Ad Credits - Credits for promoting Text Linksx100 p/a or
1000 p/m or
1000 p/a
Advertising Fees - Admin charge on top of cost price20% + $320% + $3Zero
Guaranteed $0.01 Adverts - Adverts included for you to clickx500+ p/a or
90+ p/m or
1000+ p/a
PriceFree$15 p/a or
$69 life
$25 p/m or
$99 p/a

refs = referrals ; p/m = per month ; p/a = per annum (year)

2014 :


$99 = $79 = €59

VII - 2 - How do you get a Pro account ?

Addendum 17/01/2014 : Evolution vers un compte PRO

Evolution vers un compte PRO

Le message de confirmation dans Gmail

La facture dans mon compte Gmail

La facture Paypal
Unused Credits

VIII - Forum :

Paiement proofs :

Write in your signature on your WordLinx forum profile :

  • WordLinx Referral link , 
  • All your account and pages on major social media  :
    • Facebook FanPage,
    • Google+,
    • Twitter,
    • StumbleUpon,
    • Pinterest,
    • LinkedIn,
    • etc... 
  • Your blog, 
  • Your newsletter
  • etc ...

My presence on the WordLinx forum :

My introduction :
My questions :

IX - WordLinx on major social media :

X - Competitors : 

Soon ...

XI - Terms : 

XII - Records : 

Soon ...

XIII - My earnings with WordLinx : 

Here are my earnings since 15 days only by clicking on the proposed ads per day on WordLinx, then they will be added in another file listings:  ICI

Août 2014 :

XIV - Additional pages translated :

Translate in french below :

FAQ : wordlinx faq questions générales
FAQ : wordlinx faq questions sur les membres
FAQ : wordlinx faq questions sur les annonceurs
FAQ : wordlinx faq les questions sur les mises à jour
FAQ : wordlinx faq les questions relatant de l'identification

Articles wordlinx : Politique antispam
Articles wordlinx : La page how parrainer
Articles wordlinx : La page sharing
Articles wordlinx : La page about
Articles wordlinx : Les conditions d'utilisation

XV - Conclusion :

You can, with this article / tutorial have an overall view on :

  • What is WordLinx? ?
    • > In this article, I - Do you want make money on line by clicking on adverts ?
  • How to sign up ?
    • > In this  article, IV - Referral tab
  • How does it work ?
    • > In this article, V - Browse Ads tab, 
    • > In this one, VI - Advertise tab, 
    • > And in that one, VII - My Account tab
  • How to earn money ?
    • > In this article, V - Browse Ads tab, 
    • > In this one , VI - Advertise tab, 
    • > And in that one , VII - My Account tab
  • How to click on Ads ?
    • > In this article, V - Browse Ads tab,  
  • How to make a withdrawal / payment? ?
    • > soon ...
  • My earnings proofs 
    • > soon ...
  • Proofs of earnings by others on the forum
    • > Go to the forum
  • Mon expérience 
    • > In this article 

What I can point out as positive points are:

  • One of the oldest PTC sites (exists since 2003). Total trusted site!,
  • Bit excessive prices for 3 months rent (100 RR + 3 months = $ 22); as the new prices also,
  • Update system of referrals (referral upgrade ) on 5 levels, 
  • 20% of earnings on referrals clicks,
  • $0.02 for verified accounts, and $0.05 for Pro accounts of randomly allocated ads for the 11th anniversary of Wordlinx existence, and will be implemented forever! 
  • If a referral signed up with your referral link and upgraded, you will receive: 
    • Basic members - up to $2.00 USD per sale!,
    • Verified members - up to $10.00 USD per sale!,
    • Pro members - up to $20.00 USD per sale!
  • Ability to view everyday ads a second time and earn 5 points each,
  • $ 0.01 earnings guaranteed by rented referrals and per day (0.01 x 100 RR = $ 1.00 per day x 30 = $30),
  • Guaranteed annual earnings: 5 x 0.001 + 3 x 3 x 0.01 + $ 0.01 = $ 23.27,
  • 20% returns when your referral will purchase of advertising,
  • Free Paypal fees for withdrawals,
  • Ability to adapt to new projects and enable them,
  • All payments : ICI       
  • Forum, 
  • On this forum, relatively large  payment proofs,  
  • Associated with parent registered in England and Wales
  • All countries accepted
  • Unlimited Referrals
  • Soon : Tasks ... ?
  • 25/05/2015 - Nouveauté : Echange de trafic qui génère des points afin de promouvoir vos liens ! En forfait Free, vous pouvez naviguer 20 pubs ! En forfait Verfied, vous gagnez 50 points qui rapportent 1 point. Pour le forfait Pro, j'attends d'évoluer vers ce forfait supérieur !
  • 25/05/2015 - Nouveauté : You can py your Verified membership through your balance or a part of your balance, then the half with Paypal !
  • 30/09/2015 - Nouveauté : Changements apportés au graphisme avec l'ajout de quelques technique supplémentaires pour gagner de l'argent,
  • 16/06/2016 - Nouveauté : 
    • Nouveau forfait Super à 199$ (Rappel du forfait Verified: 19$ annuel, forfait Pro à 99$ annuel) avec les caracéristiques suivantes :
      • 50% per referral click
      • 50% per referral purchase
      • 50% per referral offer (100% for first offer)
      • $50 for referral Pro Yearly upgrades
      • $50 for referral Super Yearly upgrades
      • $5 on 5 levels for Verified upgrades
      • 50,000 advertising credits added yearly
      • 50% off all banner advertising packages
      • $18.25 yearly Traffic Exchange cash
    • Des Promos sur le forfait Verfied, Pro et Super régulièrement,
    • Remplissez des offres jusqu'à une certaine somme suivant votre forfait, et passez au forfait supérieur gratuitement
      •  Verified - complétez au moins pour une valeur de 25$,
      •  Pro - complétez au moins pour une valeur de 150$,
      •  Super - complétez au moins pour une valeur de 250$,
    • Prolongement de tous les forfaits pour 5 ans :
      • Verified Membership - 1 Year Save $19! FREE*
      • Verified Membership - 1 Year No Saving $19
      • Verified Membership - 2 Years Save 10%! $35
      • Verified Membership - 3 Years Save 20%! $45
      • Verified Membership - 5 Years Save 30%! $65
      • Pro Membership - 1 Year  Save $99! FREE*
      • Pro Membership - 1 Year  No Saving $99
      • Pro Membership - 2 Years Save 10%! $175
      • Pro Membership - 3 Years Save 20%! $235
      • Pro Membership - 5 Years Save 30%! $345
      • Super Membership - 1 Year Save $199! FREE*
      • Super Membership - 1 Year No Saving $199
      • Super Membership - 2 Years Save 10%! $355
      • Super Membership - 3 Years Save 20%! $475
      • Super Membership - 5 Years Save 30%! $695
    • Link Ads
      • $0.10 per click or $0.001 per impression, zero fees 
      • High quality, interest-targeted advertising!
      • Promote beyond WordLinx all over the web!
  • 01/07/2016 - News :  
    • Click on a $0.10 worth of survey or offers and receive $0.01 ads to click (5),
    • Click on 10 ads into the traffic exchange and receive $0.001 ads to click(5),
  • This website confirm that it know for adapting with news !

        Negatives :

        • One of the most austere in terms of graphics, but not unpleasant so far,
        • No return on my investment in 12 months with the old system,
        • $ 79 annual fee is too expensive; It should be $ 17 for one year and $ 30 for two years as ClixSense,
        • No Grid in the standard package with 20 chances, Verified package with 40 chances and Pro package with 60 chances. Project to develop ... but I doubt that he is. I opened a ticket on the forums about it,
        • No opportunity to purchase referrals and with its balance, 
        • Not easy to understand apart from clicking on ads

        So if you want to earn money by clicking on advertisements and other sources, remember to register with the link below which is a referral link, ie , inherent in my personal account WordLinx!

        Sign Up with my WordLinx referral link : HERE

        WordLinx - Get Paid To Click

        Have a good day!

        The best for you!


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