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jeudi 2 octobre 2014

Paidverts : Review - Investigation (MultiLevel Marketing)

Hi everybody,

Date Article's creation : September 14th, 2014 
Last update, July  01st, 2019 - Version 9.20 
Author : cleroy61

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This is an investigation, a brief semantic analysis of the PaidVert$ website which has developed a completely new principle in the world of PTC sites.

I - What is a PTC website ? 

It is a an advertising platform and system which allows to earn money by clicking on advertisements. So, this method is called paid-to-click (PTC) ), and also, MLM, MultiLevel Marketing. You get paid once you have seen the ad and have confirmed it which increments your account with a click !

II - What is Paidverts ?

However, the Paidverts website is a totally different concept of the fact that there are no referrals to rent like most PTC websites with a pyramidal form. Paidverts works by using a  BAP system, Bonus Advert Points. The BAP groups are : HERE

You will increase your earnings that are mainly:

  • by clicking on ads
  • by getting DR (= Direct Referrals) with your business link,
  • by getting BAP,
  • by playing Games to earn (to avoid anyway)
    • money,
    • BAP,
  • by climbing BAP groups by purchasing adverts, the more you will climb in the BAP groups, plus the value of pubs will be important,
  • by purchasing the mini ($2.99 for 7 days) and mega ($19.99 for 7 days) packages,
  • by purchasing the membership ($5 a month, $50 a year),
  • by purchasing the recycled upgrade,

mercredi 1 octobre 2014

Gains Paidverts : Octobre 2014

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