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TrafficMonsoon : Investigation - Review (advertising and revenues sharing company)

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Table of content to start earning money with TrafficMonsoon : HERE
New from TrafficMonsoon Facebook Groups : HERE

This is an investigation, a brief semantic analysis of TrafficMonsoon website which has developed a completely new principle in the world of PTC sites and shared revenue (RevShare).

I - What is PTC website ? 

It is a platform and an advertising system that can earn money by clicking on advertisements. So this method is called Paid-To-Click (PTC). You get paid once you've seen the ad and have confirmed by a click that increments your account!

II - What is TrafficMonsoon ?

TrafficMonsoon is a PTC as it has reflected per income sharing or revenue sharing, a traffic exchange and a platform to advertise your websites / blogs / profiles. This is why it is not a Ponzi Shema. To understand what this means, despite of going on Wikipedia, is to remember the Maddoff deal! Now you understand what a Ponzi.

You will increase your earnings mainly by two ways, but there are others which are the following:

  • by clicking on paid links (Cash Links),
  • by purchasing Ad Pack at $50 each to return $55,
  • by getting DR = Direct Referrals, referrals achieved by from your referral link  (HERE),
    which you will receive 10% of their activities :
    • on paid ads (Cash Links) they will click as you are doing it every day,
    • on the credits from traffic exchange (Banners' rotator) bought by your DR,
    • on credits from TrafficMonsoon purchased by your DR,
    • Adpack purchased by your DR,
    • [PDF] For more informations, please refer to the PDF that I put available to you (French) : HERE (Please, wait 5 seconds and click on "Skip Ad or Passer l'annonce")

You will get paid from your DR = Direct referral, from your Ad Packs, once you will click on advertisements which are 10 ads every 24 hours for a period of 20 seconds each, in order to be qualified to receive your revenues sharing from your Ad Packs on the red button at the top right marked: "Start Surfing 1:1 20 sec.". So you'll understand it, if you do not set a goal to click 10 ads a day, which takes 10 x 20 seconds per day, I do not see the point to register with my referral link which is the basic life's principle of all PTC websites because it is the referral link that will earn you Direct referrals, thus money called "passive", which falls due to their activities, while alone, in short. Despite this, there is a lot of money to do this depends on the strategy you will choose, but also in relation to the finances you have.

However, a digression is necessary for TrafficMonsoon website because its concept is totally different since there are no referrals for rent. I highly suggest you check out the FAQ that I have translated in french into a PDF, above or below, for details because it is very explicit.

Remember that you must be "qualified" to receive earnings from your referrals ! So you have to click 10 ads every day that have a duration of 20 seconds each in the traffic Exchange (10 x 20 seconds). And by clicking on the double draw as a Captcha Code to verify if you are a human and start to receive your revenues sharing for the next 24 HOURS. That's ALL ! Your  balance will grow automaticly EVERY HOURS !

Quickly, however! The paid advertisements (Cash Links) will be delivered to your account everyday FOR FREE. All you have to do is to click on paid ads that corresponds to an advertisement. Then you visit the Web site for 60, 30, 15 or 5 seconds after the value ads (called cash links whose values can be $0.001, $0.005, $0.01, $0.02, which are pink, blue or green) and entering the Captcha code to verify that you are human and unlock your payment immediately. That's all ! Your balance is incremented automatically!

Cliquer sur l'image pour Agrandir

When we observe this screenshot, it will take you 7-10 minutes to click all the "Cash Links." 

You add 10 ads at 20 seconds to qualify, which will make you less than 5 minutes. In less than 15 minutes with cash link and qualified ads, you can earn big bucks! See for yourself!

On the TrafficMonsoon's WorldWide facebook page, Charles Scoville explains with vehemence the technical terms about TrafficMonsoon : ICI (french), or in english : HERE

III - Who is Charles Scoville ?

He is founder and CEO of TrafficMonSon website which provides and SELLS advertising services among other services described below!

He was originally good numbers other PTC and other traffic exchange such as AdHitProfits that existing since 2003 which I have not joined for lack of time!

He has several personal websites : HERE

The Facebook page of Charles Scoville : HERE
Youtube Account : HERE

TrafficMonsoon exists since October 2014.

Events about TrafficMonsoon : ICI 

The Facebook Groups per language :

TM English Group on facebook : HERE
TM French Group on facebook : HERE
TM German Group on facebook :  HERE
TM Spanish Group on facebook : HERE
TM Arabic Group on facebook : HERE
TM Slovak/Czech Group on facebook : HERE
TM Thailand Group on facebook : HERE
TM Veneluelian Group on facebook : HERE

IV - What are the provided services from TrafficMonsoon, svp ?

  • The $50 AdPacks with or without sharing position,
    • with sharing position :
      • 20 banner credits Pay-Per-Click,
      • 1,000 ad credits, 
      • 1 sharing position which will earn you $55 for $50 of investment (ROI = 110%) during 50 days by clicking on 10 ads every day !
    • Without sharing position : 
      • This provides banner credit,
        • 0.25$ per clic without country's target,
        • 0.50$ per clic with country's target,
        • The price of the value depends of the banner size :
          • 125 x125,
          • 468 x 60,
          • 728 x 90, 
          • Consulter mon PDF à ce sujet plus bas dans cet article 
  • The paid adverts (Cash Link),
  • by purchasing some credits to promote your website/blog/ etc ...,
  • by purchasing some banners with or without sharing position,
  • by purchasing some Text Ads,
  • Traffic Exchange (Traffic Rotator),
  • Some ads when logging (Login Ad),
  • by Starting page (Start Page), 
  • Trafic de masse,
  • GEO Targetting for your business,
  • The 10% from referrals activities on all services above that you will get when they will registrered with the referral link.

[PDF] To know the services prize shown above : HERE.
(Please, wait 5 seconds and click on "Skip Ad or Passer l'annonce")

V - Who can  use TrafficMonsoon ?

Everyone ! All countries are accepted ! Any restriction !

VI - What are the deposit and withdrawal methods ?

  • PayPal,
  • Payza,
  • SolidTrustPay,

VII - Earn money with your TrafficMonsoon referral link :

10% on the purchases that your referrals will perform! Which is huge by checking it with my PDF above on the packages rates and commissions that I received from my downlines on the chapter called XIII - PDF : !

Imagine some investors who want to increase their audience on the web, promoting referral links from PTC platforms, from RevShare, MultiLevel Marketing, Cyclers, etc, they can buy all the TrafficMonsoon services and you will perceive 10%.

What for ?

TrafficMonsoon allows to bring real traffic on your website or blog that necessarily generates additional visibility because you pay for the guaranteed traffic. We are often talking  to promote Internet marketing programs such as RevShare, Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Member To Member (M2M), Cycler, Traffic Exchange,  with their referral links, but you might consider by inserting a website that promotes your hotel, your restaurant, your Bistrôt, your regional products, which will undoubtedly see a new customer feed. TrafficMonsoon is an advertising platform like some large competitors such as Google AdSense!

Secondly, TrafficMonsoon happened in the month of July 2015, below 2 000 in the Alexa PageRank ! Get it? If you still do not understand, consult the Alexa Page on Wikipedia English : HERE

Consult Alexa Page Rank of TrafficMonsoon today : HERE

Third, the purchase of AdPacks ($ 50 each) generates random revenues (Prohibited by the ToS). To this, you will earn 10% if your referrals also buy AdPacks or $5. See chapter into my PDF to see the activity and revenue that they make me earn my downline.

VIII - How can I make advertising to promote a web site, a blog ?

To be continue ...

IX - Can we trust into this website ? Is that a scam ?

Yes to the first question due to the many payments screenshots shown by users, including those of my sponsor who is well known in the world of PTC and many more that I have made available more lowest in the site. I am in regular contact with him!

Web sites associated with its founder! Its various profiles on social networks are convincing arguments.

The several Facebook Groups.

NEWS in a new article : HERE, about and from TrafficMonsoon !

No, this site is not a scam and you will understand with all the informations that I provide in this article.

X - My earnings with TrafficMonsoon :

[Art.] My earnings will be registered in an article on this blog : HERE

My personal Facebook page to follow my activity about TM, but also on the other programs with screenshots : HERE

XI - How much can I earn with TrafficMonsoon ?

Astronomical amounts of money! 

By purchasing some AdPacks at $50 each, it is with those that you will earn astronomical amounts !

I talk about this in the Pro & Cons part lowest in this article.

"When it comes to sustaining a business.. any business.. whether it is McDonalds, Walmart, a shop, store, or internet business -- fundamentally it's not about placing limits on purchases, but providing a quality service, competitive price, and helping people meet a need with the services offered. If people get a cut, they buy band-aids. People need traffic, advertising, visitors to their website, or want to gain exposure to their brand.. then they can go to traffic monsoon. We already have a lot of people experiencing fantastic things with the services on TM, and that's what will sustain the business. It meets their needs. It helps them do what they want to do. It causes people to have a good experience with their purchase, and want to come back again and again to take advantage of the services offered. That's what sustains a business. Telling a customer they are limited in what they want to buy suffocates a business, not sustain it. Math doesn't sustain a business, meeting demands with a supply of quality service at a competitive price sustains a business. The sharing is conservative, and doesn't let big players profit big in a short time. It isn't profitable for hit and runners, but makes it profitable for people who make TM a long-term business for themselves, and a solution for their traffic and advertising needs.

cleroy61's NOTE : If you have understood the text above, it is that TrafficMonsoon is built to work for yourself !

[PDF] TrafficMonsoon's  Membership Rates : HERE.
(Please, wait 5 seconds and click on "Skip Ad or Passer l'annonce")

You can, also,earn money by clicking on your Cash Links FOR FREE.


[PDF] La traduction en français de la FAQ de TrafficMonsoon  : HERE.
(Please, wait 5 seconds and click on "Skip Ad or Passer l'annonce")

English FAQ version on the website : HERE


- [PDF] TrafficMonsoon's  Membership Rates  : HERE.
(Please, wait 5 seconds and click on "Skip Ad or Passer l'annonce")

XIV - Videos :

In the goal to lighten this article, I have decided to separate the videos in english / in french : HERE

*** Do Not Use Hotmail, MSN, Outlook, Live, AOL, Mail.RU Because You Won't Receive The Activation Email ***

Please, sign up to become a TrafficMonsoon's member : HERE

 *** Surf 10 ads a day and get paid every hour ! ***

Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program

XV - How can I start with TrafficMonsoon :

Read my PDF (more complete) or all informations below will be very useful:

  • Open a Paypal, Payza: HERE and/or SolidTrustPay: HERE account to purchase your future Ad Packs and make your cashouts,
  • Link your bank account to your payment processors like Payza or SolidTrustPay to purchase your future AdPacks, (Now you can buy from your credit card through Allied Wallet)
  • Register to become a TrafficMonsoon's member : HERE
  • Fill the "Edit Profile" link otherwise your account will be banned (I advise you to put a real photo),
  • In the "Security" part, by clicking on the "Reset to my Email" blue button, you will receive a PIN code and you should change with a new one (yours). The PIN password must be alphanumeric (numbers and letters only with case sensitive). It must be marked: "Strong",
  • Answer to three personal questions which will be ask while your IP address will change (Note them !), but an email will be sent you with the answers,
  • Going on the left part to the line: Buy AdPacks w/Sharing - 20 PPC / 1000 TE Credits 
  • Then you must click on the green button : " SETUP A NEW BANNER AD"
  • You must select the size of your website banner to promote in Banner Size area (125x125, 468x60, 728x90), and complete the following fields:
    • *Title of Campaign: (information for you)
    • *Target Link: (referral link, website, traffic exchange)
    • *Banner Image URL: (website banner with .png or .jpg to promote)
  • If you want to see my list of my trust PTC websites / RevShare / Multi-Level Marketing , visit : HERE (or contact me in private message on facebook or gmail)
  • Purchase some AdPacks at $50 each through your favorite processor, credit card processor or later from your balance,
  • You can start by clicking your 10 ads at a 20 seconds duration each to be "qualified" which means to receive your revenues sharing, your referrals commissions in the next 24 hours by clicking on the red button at the top of the website called: "Start Surfing 1:1 20 sec.".
  • Be careful: revenues sharing amount is not garanteed ! Why ? Quite simply, that TrafficMonsoon can not know in advance the number of purchases made in the day!,
  • Monday 09th November 2015 : 
    • TrafficMonsoon owns a "Full Paypal Business Licence"
    • Staggering growth in a year of TrafficMonsoon as advertising company among the biggest revenue companies from digital ads! (Screenshot below)
  • Wednesday 30 March 2016 : Add a credit card Gateway : HERE 

    XVI - Pro vs Cons :

    Commentaires positifs : 

    • Registered Company from Utah government, USA : HERE
      • Traffic Monsoon Global Limited, Imperial Offices, 2 Heigham Road, East Ham, London, UK, E6 2JG
      • Traffic Monsoon LLC, 4927 S Murray Blvd Z9, Murray, UT, 84123 United States
      • Dubaï offices,
    • Advertising company, 
    • Traffic Exchange or Banner Rotator,
    • Sharing revenue (110% of earnings, $50 = $55), 
    • $50$ for a AdPack that return you $55 in undetermined days, 
    • Unlimited AdPacks, 
    • Important and HUGE earnings,
    • Earn money with the Cash Links, without invest,
    • It is not a pyramidal system and a Ponzi system from SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), USA : HERE , and because your referral can earn more than your sponsor,
    • The Brainy earnings on his Facebook page, and other investisors on this article ! 
    • To receive your earnings from your AdPacks and your referrals, you must be qualified, i-e you must click 10 ads of 20 seconds per day only and every day in the Traffic Exchange !
    • 10% AdPacks and Advertising purchase with your referrals, So HUGE incomes !
    • Consult my PDF, 
    • Consult my investigation article which is this article,
    • Charles Scoville Page: HERE
    • Facebook Groups in all languages,
    • Conferences/meeting of Charles Scoville are planed on a website : HERE
    • NOTE IMPORTANTE : If your TrafficMonsoon profile is not fully filled, your account will be deleted !  
    • Security PIN Code for your cashouts,
    • Buy AdPacks w/Sharing : You can purchase some AdPacks  
      • With Sharing Position = Buy AdPack button,
      • Without Sharing Position = Add Clicks  button,
    • My Websites : Promote your website : up to 15 maximum sites/blog
      • The line : Buy credits
      • The line : Buy Start Pages
      • The line : Login Ads 
    • Cash Link :
    • My Banners :
      • With Sharing Position = Buy AdPack button,
      • Without Sharing PositionAdd Clicks button,
    • My Text Ads :
    • TrafficMonsoon Package :
    • My Tool - Traffic Rotator
    • Traffic Rotator
    • My Sharing Positions
      • Active 
      • Closed
    • Affiliate
      • Banners
      • Tell a Friend
      • Personal Referrals
      • Entire Organization
    • Finance Management
        • My Payment History 
        • My Withdrawal History 
        • My Balance History
    • The Alexa rank is lower than 2 000, what is Hugein the indexation's tools : HERE ; If you want more informations about Alexa, can you consult on Wikipedia : HERE
    • Below a text from Utah governement about Federal Trade Commission : Answers to questions people are asking about the FTC’s Endorsement Guides, including information about disclosing material connections between advertisers and endorsers. : HERE and the same text into a PDF : HERE
    • International meeting : ICI
    • To discover ...

    Commentaires négatifs : 

    • Austere, does not want to register
    • Purchase $50 per Ad Pack,
    • Because of his youth, he must, of course, to prove himself
    • Fairly substantial initial Purchase, if you want to make money quickly,
    • Difficult to understand if you have no experience in advertising platforms,
    • Paypal issues,
    • If you sign up with my referral link, please be active by clicking on your minimum daily ads that are 10 by location. I have no interest in you and me, if you do not spend it; There are success stories, many, only, it is sufficient to know the strategies and implement them. Of these, Patience, probably many more that I will try to put into PDF.

    Conclusion :

    This article is done where you can find:

    • My earnings activity month after month gotten with clicks,
    • My downline commissions,
    • Buying CreditPacks,
    • My PDF with my factual withdrawals
    • My opinion of pros and cons,
    • Videos,
    • Table of content,
    • News about TrafficMonsoon

    This site is young, but very promising by its system! I have written iteratively to multiple users that I knew; I always had the answers!

    I have written a table of contents about TrafficMonsoon : HERE

    This site was born in October 2014 in the state of Utah (USA), and is already very promising by its system, its successes and testimonials, from forums or from facebook! I have written repeatedly to multiple users that I knew on social networks, I have always had the answers!

    All examples calculations of losses or profits are only estimates you can win and are not in any way be considered as guarantees. Your success or failure depends solely on your commitment, your understanding and your financial and intellectual ability!

    The advertising on TrafficMonsoon is less expensive and accessible to individuals on the internet compared to traditional media such as TV, print media, radio. It provides access to more customers through the traffic it generates!

    To generate strong revenues, sustainable, the TrafficMonsoon platform is made to attract new customers to sell their digital products or non digital. Imagine 100 million visitors per month; this figure represents a very high CTR, is not it? Advertisers are advertising to attract new customers with a simple and easy way by purchasing advertising that is called Credit Pack for $ 50 that contains 1000 impressions (credit in the traffic exchange) and 20 banners credit in the Pay Per Click to reach $ 55 over an undeterminated days; you get paid for that ; to earn $5 !! Clicking on 10 ads of 20 seconds in the Traffic Exchange and that's it! Your account is incremented automatically! Your only constraint is that you repeat this practice every day! So, imagine with 500 Ad Packs, or even more ? Ad Packs are illimited !

    All members are satisfied because all members are paid! 1 time per hour, 24 times a day! Even during the practice of a sport during your vacation or even better while you're sleeping! You earn money without selling anything! Without sponsoring! Without recommending!

    Is it faster than waiting for your salary after 30 days?

    Your best office and collaborator will be your computer or your mobile phone or tablet! You do not need any technical knowledge, just knowing to click 10 times during one day and buy at least one Ad Pack at $ 50 or even more because it would prove to be insufficient! More Ad Packs you have, the more you will earn money!

    Your earnings can be unlimited through the sponsorship system! 10% from :

    • the Ad Packs purchase,  
    • the purchase of advertising credits, 
    • the traffic exchange credits, 
    • the activity of your referrals regarding cash links ! 

    Transferts instantanés vers votre processeur de paiement Paypal du Lundi au Vendredi !

    Where does come all this money? The answer is simple! Advertisers want traffic! The advertised sites into TrafficMonsoon have thousands or even millions of visitors every day! For this they pay Ad Packs or advertising credits such banners spaces (125x125, 468x60, 728x90) for this traffic to get new customers! Remember advertising in traditional media such as TV, radio, newspapers: All advertising space can be bought! TrafficMonsoon sells advertising space on the web! All (95%) proceeds from these advertising spaces are shared with you on undeterminated average ! Members are paid 1 time per hour, 24 times a day! These Advertising Spaces prices are in my PDF !

    Maximum Ad Packs is unlimited! The gain you will get after severals days is $ 55 per Ad Pack. Or, if you bought 100 Credit Packs at $50 each, for a total of $ 5,000, you will earn $5 500, an increase of 10%! Or $ 500 for several days with 100 Ad Packs !! So imagine with 1 000 Ad Pack! Do you understand ?

    And this is without 10% inherent in your referrals! Every time one of your referrals will purchase an Ad Pack, then you will receive 10% of $50 ! Or it will buy banners such 728x90, 468x60, 125x125 or Credit packages, you will receive also 10% of their purchase!
    One strategy is to buy a Ad Pack once you reach $50 from your balance! Tools such as marketing emails (Tell a friend), videos, local / national events, pages / groups Facebook are available to promote TrafficMonsoon !

    This advertising company, TrafficMonsoon, is honest, lawful, integrity and loyal! By purchasing advertising, you do not make an investment because Traffic Monsoon is not a bank but an advertising agency which sells advertising space! Do you see the difference now?

    Everyone among Traffic Monsoon says : "it is impossible not to earn money"

    Maxims : 

    "Who does not advertise, dies" : Henri Ford

    Motivations before register : 

    1 - If you do not go to what you want, you will never get it
    2 - If you do not ask, the answer is always NO!
    3 - If you are not going forward, then you will always be in the same place!

    "Doubt clears action !
    But, action clears the doubt ...
    A tip, take action !"

    To register with confidence because it's free, no cost, no obligation, to become familiar with the system. Please visit this site by registering with the link "Register" which matchs to the registration of your account from my referral link below - the one item to check out is the full name of your sponsor, who is here, Christophe Leroy.

    Last thing very important, While you are going to promote TrafficMonsoon, it is forbidden to spam (do not put your referral link in the comments, for example) and to encourage to click, otherwise your account will be deleted! Observe and follow the rules and terms, please!

    To register in confidence, please visit this site by registering with my referral link below:

    *** Do Not Use Hotmail, MSN, Outlook, Live, AOL, Mail.RU Because You Won't Receive The Activation Email ***

    Please, Become a member by signing up on TrafficMonsoon : HERE

    *** Surf 10 ads a day and get paid every hour ! ***


    If you wish consult my list of trust PTC websites, please, take a look : HERE.

    If you wish consult my list of scams PTC websites, please, take a look : HERE.

    Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program

    Splash Page : Page de promotion 1 : ICI

    Splash Page : Page de promotion 2 : ICI

    Splash Page : Page de promotion 3 : ICI


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    Have a nice day !

    The best for you!


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