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Paidverts : Review - Investigation (MultiLevel Marketing)

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Date Article's creation : September 14th, 2014 
Last update, July  01st, 2019 - Version 9.20 
Author : cleroy61

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This is an investigation, a brief semantic analysis of the PaidVert$ website which has developed a completely new principle in the world of PTC sites.

I - What is a PTC website ? 

It is a an advertising platform and system which allows to earn money by clicking on advertisements. So, this method is called paid-to-click (PTC) ), and also, MLM, MultiLevel Marketing. You get paid once you have seen the ad and have confirmed it which increments your account with a click !

II - What is Paidverts ?

However, the Paidverts website is a totally different concept of the fact that there are no referrals to rent like most PTC websites with a pyramidal form. Paidverts works by using a  BAP system, Bonus Advert Points. The BAP groups are : HERE

You will increase your earnings that are mainly:

  • by clicking on ads
  • by getting DR (= Direct Referrals) with your business link,
  • by getting BAP,
  • by playing Games to earn (to avoid anyway)
    • money,
    • BAP,
  • by climbing BAP groups by purchasing adverts, the more you will climb in the BAP groups, plus the value of pubs will be important,
  • by purchasing the mini ($2.99 for 7 days) and mega ($19.99 for 7 days) packages,
  • by purchasing the membership ($5 a month, $50 a year),
  • by purchasing the recycled upgrade,

You will earn money without direct referral. You will get paid from your Direct Referrals (DR) once you should need clicking on advertisements. You will need to click on the ads every day to get the payment that you will earn your Direct Referrals which takes you 5 to 30 seconds maxi per ad !

What you need to do is copy three lines of text and launched the ad during those 30 seconds. You must confirm by a Captcha code and a "close window" button and return to the other ads to click. Then, you will see your balance increments. See example: HERE

It will be annoying to copy paste 3 lines! No because you will notice that you have at your disposal a icon that represents two sheets on which you will click to see up the field to copy.

IMPORTANTE NOTE : I don't add a screenshot, but the Paidverts website has improved, so that it is no longer necessary to copy the 3 lines; a simpler and faster method has been put in place.

III - Who is Joe Cook ?

Joe Cook is one of Paidverts founders owned by MyTrafficValue. The aim of this platform is completely transparent because it says that their project is a machine to generate money! MyTrafficValue exists since 2011, it writes down on their website: HERE. Their declaration certificate is: HERE. They reside at Benalmadena near Malaga in Spain : HERE. A ride on their About us page : HERE

You can reach them at support by phone: (+34) 633 137 065, by yahoo! messenger : mytrafficvalue.

You can check out the Joe Cook's Facebook page, whose real name is Joel William Cook, often surrounded by very attractive women (but this is not the subject of this article) : HERE

It is himself which occurs to the daily messages that it sends to all users on our investments and, among others, about PaidVert$.

You have also a MyTrafficValue Facebook fanpage and interventions when he and his associates have encountered problems on their servers : HERE

Of course, I will remember, later in this article, you may view the forum: HERE

IMPORTANT NOTE: Joe Cook is no longer the CEO, he has been replaced by Marc de Koenig by another team.

IV - More infos about MyTrafficValue, please ?

MyTrafficValue is, as it has been pointed out above, a concept for generating money. This can be done through the purchases that we, users, will bring to these projects; yes because there are several products such as, games, services, websites, digital business. These investment elements are ranked in a portfolio in order to follow their progress and their development: HERE

If you want to see the earnings generated for MyTrafficValue and investors every day, please visit: HERE, Then you will click on the date that suits you to watch all the earnings and expenses and without any complexes! However, I do not hide that I do not understand everything, but at least as the site warns, everything is transparent which allows me to claim that it is a sign of serious unmistakable!

The cost of product development should return x 3.6 its initial value. Example, if a product cost $ 1 000 in development, it must returned at least $ 3,600 in order for buyers have paid in full! everything will be above will be a pure profit!

You can find an investigation's article in french into another of my blogs : HERE, (Use Google Translate at the top right of this blog)

V - Who can use Paidverts ?

Everyone with at least one account to deposit money if you want to buy, and not, invest and withdraw your money later! It's totally free!

You can start without purchasing anything! However, it will be a little long (between 9 to 12 months before you see your account take off).

I have written a small pdf for those who want to purchase further to my little experiment on Paidverts into another of my blogs : HERE.

VI - What are methods of money deposit ?

Bank Transfer, EGOPay, Perfect Money, SolidTrustPay, Western Union, Bitcoin, Neteller, Payeer,  Paypal and Payza. You can also invest money that you have earned with Paidverts or other MyTrafficValue products because you will also find that your MyTrafficValue and Paidverts account are the same! And you'll understand why! Well, it's simple because PaidVert$ is a product developed by MyTrafficValue.

Below, you have at your disposal the fees from different payment methods: HERE

VII - What are Super User Options of Paidverts ?

You have the opportunity to increase the value of your ads to receive, buy for 7 days both mini packages at $2.99 (0.01 to $0.49 for 30 seconds per ad) and mega to $19.99 (from $0.50 to much more ad for 30 seconds). Normally, you'll triple your investment. I remind you that these amounts are for a 30 seconds maxi duration for viewing ads! Do you understand it?

(Please, wait 5 seconds and click "Skip Ad or Passer l'annonce")

You see for yourself that the mini and mega were largely repaid. However, the latest have not been due to the debt exchange by Joe and her team late 2014, early 2015.

Read on then!

According to BAP group you belong to, the amount of ads will be greater.

Below is a screenshot of the average value of the Ads of a day that you will be granted depending on your BAP
group at the date of September 11, 2014:

If you want to know how Paidverts attributes these ads, please go to a pdf that I have provided on another of my blog: HERE.

VII - What is Ad filter, please ?

You can also restrict the minimum value of receiving ads by buying $10 Ad Filter option. You must have a minimum of BAP To set Ad Filter. Be careful because if you decide to stop receiving ads of lower than $0.01 for example, and you would then change this value to $0.05 value, then you will have to pay once again $10.

VIII - What is Vacation Mode ?

Already, just the title, it smells good !! And yes, if you had any cravings for vacation and want completely evacuate the internet world, while maintaining the benefits you've earned by clicking on the ads every day, you can enable this useful feature.

By remembering that this option is hardly available on virtually all PTC sites except for a few.

IX - Earn money with your referral link :

Paidverts gives you the ability to earn income called passive, ie d, money that falls on your balance without doing anything! that speaks to you! I like that expression !! it sounds good, do not you think?

I will earn 10% on the purchase of pubs you will do and ditto for you when it is your turn AND it is In addition also 5% on the interaction of the clicks on the ads you will perform every day.

Example: One of my referrals decides to purchase $100 in bulk ad. I automatically and spontaneously receive $ 10 in my balance account!

Real example: I have reached the Group 3 Sunday, October 12, 2014 (recall my registration June 26, 2014, 3 ​​and a half months). I have purchased 21 bulk Ads for $ 1 since I joined. I have therefore, earnt to my upline at least $2.1 (1 x 10% x 21 = 0.10 x 21). But he asked about me that I had exceeded $3. All the Ads I have clicked, which I do not know the number, have earned him $0.90. (IMPORTANTE NOTE : bulk ad value was 1$, now, it is 1.05$)

Addendum November 25, 2014: Check out my public profile to see the evolution of my account and my purchases: HERE ; on that date, I had purchased 82 bulks ads, making a earning of $8.2 for my sponsor! Not bad and it is not to do anything!

Among the sources of income, Paidvert collects 5% on each ad we will click.

Example: When your referral will click on an ad for $1.00 (it is at least in group 4 or 5), $0.95 is credited to his account and the rest goes into your account! You can check this by going to "refer friends > Commission log > select your referral"

The referral link is not required, which is great because people may be reluctant to sign up and it is quite normal notwithstanding Internet scams including PTC sites. But why miss out on a few dollars that will increment on your balance without doing anything except to sign up with my referral link! This is all beneficial! I strongly believe in this project in light of my experiences about PTC sites.

Please, Sign up with my Paidverts referral link : HERE

This is not all because I must to specify when a referral will register with your referral, you will receive an email with your new referral email address ; This is great news as you can get in touch with him to explain the operation of this platform! You understand ? No! Still no! Well, assume that you have an inactive referral because he does not understand, he does not want to read the FAQ or he will not strive to click on ads every day. You could send him a message with some explanations and some evidence of screenshots that will result from a change of attitude/mind from his part! You follow me?

See profile of Jo can help them : HERE ; At the date of this writing, September 26, 2014, he has 40,751 referrals with 10,420 active Currently
with more than $1,000 a day! You have read that right! Today, what is it? To get there, it will take time and patience.

You must understand now, what are the 5% interaction of ads and 10% of purchases of ads by your referrals! Money falling from the work of your referrals !!!

Addendum: Monday, November 17, 2014, I have got 6 referrals which only one is active who has registered October 2, 2014and a months and half, I give you what he brought since his registration: $7.75604 ($ 5.90 purchases Single ; $ 1.85604 ads)

Addendum: Saturday, January 03, 2015, It is true ! I have earnt 10$ without doing anything ! You don't beleive me, check out : HERE 

Addendum: Monday, January 05, 2015, It is true ! I have earnt 20$ without doing anything ! You don't beleive me, check out : HERE 

Addendum Lundi 06 Mars 2019 : I own 22 referrals of which only one active. Many have given up.

X - How to make advertising for a website, a blog :

Please go to this dedicated post to this purpose : HERE

XI - News about PaidVerts : 

Daily emails will be sent to you about the volume of investment by all users on Paidverts, and essential to its news links.

XII - Can I believe this internet website ? Is it a scam ?

Yes, for several reasons which are as follows:

  • Physical society and other societies address ; ascertainable on Google Earth
  • Phone N°
  • Messenger
  • Facebook
  • Photos of Jo Cook on his Fanspage
  • Proofs of substantial payments
  • Emails daily on investments
  • Forum with a opened ticket on investment for each day
  • Fully transparent data and statistics
  • The results of my upline, which I know as it has got a blog on which I registered, have demonstrated some ads up to $15 in August 2014, in three months; but he has purchased a few dollars to get to this ad, I reiterate that its duration is for 30 seconds each. You read right: $15 for 30 seconds of ad duration ! Late August 2014, he reported earning $11 a day!
  • An exciting project,

No to the second question, but it must always be careful!

XIII - My earnings with PaidVert$ :

As soon as I will do a cashout, I will put the first screenshot as an example, then I will divide them in another file: HERE

However, you can preview some laconic earnings on a monthly basis : HERE ;

Table of my earnings in the month of July 2014 : HERE  
Table of my earnings in the month of August 2014 : HERE ;  
My earnings table in the month of Septembre 2014 : HERE
You can take a look to the Paidvert$ table of contents : HERE

My records of the largest Ads : HERE

Post in which I have added my daily earnings over the months with screenshots as proofs. You will have, also, my records of the value of the highest ads I have received .

Monday, January 19th, 2015: My largest ad to date; I will change when a new amount will present :  20.00$ for 30 seconds only

Ma Flash Page

(S'il vous plaît, attendre 5 secondes et cliquez sur "Skip Ad ou Passer l'annonce")

Records of the others users  : 

XIV - How many can I earn with Paidverts ?

You can see an overview of the gains generated by users : HERE ; Earnings are substantial enough!

It depends on how you purchased initially if you can or not! I have written a free pdf about it in the table of contents in which you will find the link in the previous paragraph.

My records of the largest Ads : HERE

Remember that games can also be a source of superlative income ! Be careful !

You can earn so-called 'passive' income with commissions that you will receive with your referrals!

XV - How can I begin with Paidverts ?

After you have registered with my referral link: HERE, finally, it's pretty simple when you have read and understood this post, the faq, other files with screen shots available.

You must first click on your 16 x 25 BAP (Bonus Ad Point) to achieve 1600 BAP which corresponds to the level 1 of BAP. This is mandatory! The BAP and ads are located in "Members Home Page" and "Paid Ads (x)". Once done, you will have more than 200 BAP every day (8 x 25), and with a BAP daily fee of 100 BAP. Group 1, from 1600 BAP, you will receive paid ads for some values ​​whatsoever (see my starts with my July 2014 stats : HERE). Each BAP or ads that you will receive will take a duration of 30 seconds each). Your BAP and your received ads have a countdown of 18:00, which leaves you plenty of time to click in the day, either in the morning or at lunchtime or in the evening.

Once you have reached $0.05 with a few ads, you will purchase $0.05 to get the equivalent of $1 ads; To purchase $0.05 recycled ads, visit My Account at the top with your pseudo of the page, recycled upgrade and pay with your balance. I did not understand yet how long this lasted. I would say, with experience, between 15 days and 21 days for getting $0.95. but this is reduced if you are active. For this check the month of November 2014: HERE, where performance was every 4 days! Through the month of January 2015, I purchased it every day, and I might even buy 2 times a day ; HERE to view my activity in the month of January 2015. However, you will receive a lot of low value ads, then, I suggest you a thread and very convincing tips: HERE

I hear you say, this will be long to get my first dollar to purchase a ad! Well, no! Because you will receive recycled ads from all Paidverts users depending on your BAP group and this is from  group 1. This is a method for those who do not have money to start in this business.

The more you go up in the BAP Groups, the more you will receive ads with high value.

To know all the BAP groups, please go to "Member Home Page" where you will find a table to maximize your earnings ("Maximize your earnings") or into the about page : HERE.

Not a second time because every day you can claim the equivalent of $0.05 (2 x $0,025) in Paid Ads, only once All ads are clicked, ie Paid Ads is (0). You will have a button that will commandeer your 2 x $0,025 daily. You can do this at any time of the day!

When you will click on your paid ads, they will consume some BAP.

An ad at $ 0.0005 consumes 1 BAP
An ad at $ 0001 consumes 2 BAP
An ad at $ 0.002 consumes 4 BAP
An ad at $ 0.005 consumes 10 BAP
An ad at $ 0.01 consumes 20 BAP
An ad at $ 0.02 consumes 40 BAP
An ad at $ 0.04 consumes 80 BAP
An ad at $ 0.05 consumes 100 BAP
An ad at $ 0.10 consumes 200 BAP
An ad at $ 0.20 consumes 400 BAP
An ad at $ 0.50 consumes 1000 BAP
An ad at $ 1.00 consumes 2000 BAP

Up to $200 that will consume 400,000 BAP. You read correctly; it is the maximum that can be received! Not convinced for $200, take a look HERE. Not bad for a day, no! This is Jo Cook (founder of this concept) that we had emailed early October 2014 but before we get there, he must row! And much!

Now imagine to recover 400,000 BAP, you will need 130 ads in the $1 + 3100 BAP  (3100 x 130 = 403,000 BAP). You will have made a profit of $ 70!

Also, to make faster progress in groups, you can access at the most important
ad values  (still for 30 seconds each) by buying a super mini user upgrade $2.99 for 7 days or super user mega upgrade $19.99 for the 7 days in "My Account".

You can use games like casino, lottery, to win BAP from Paidverts and earn dollars from MyTrafficValue website. Please note, you know the maxim that "Like any game, you must know when to stop!" Check the forum to get an idea of the experience of other users. 

Recently, at the end of September 2014, $ Paidverts has proposed shares, another source of income that I have not detailed.

For me to show my experience, I give you, since I joined 26 June 2014 to 09 October 2014, my progress without any investment with the record of my received ads: HERE; 

I also want to add and undoubtedly affirm that my sponsor has shown by screenshots on his blog, ads that he has received $10, $15 and $55. For 30 seconds each, it really pays off to look more closely at Paidverts compared to other PTC which you can earn pennies! 

I invite you to read a PDF file that I provide on another of my blogs to discuss the tricks and investments that a beginner might need to skip steps: HERE.

XVI - How does Paidverts collect money ?

It's pretty simple! Moreover, it's like all inventions: Just think about it and put it up!

Among the sources of revenue, Paidverts 
make money with the purchase of $1.05 package which is redistributed in several ways in a searchable PDF: HERE

Advertising displays on all the sites it owns.

The site also imposes surcharges money with advertising that scrolls when you enter the CAPTCHA code.

There are, among others, the games he has set up
on Paidverts and MyTrafficValue!

The shares are another income source ! 

► Commissions : HERE

XVII - FAQ and PDF :

You can check out the Paidverts FAQ  : HERE

I allowed myself to translate it into French and I strongly suggest you to consult it: HERE

You can check out the MyTrafficValue FAQ : HERE

[PDF] Combien dois-je investir au début ? : ICI
(S'il vous plaît, attendre 5 secondes et cliquez sur "Skip Ad or Passer l'annonce")
[PDF] Comment est redistribué le forfait pub bulk ? : ICI
(S'il vous plaît, attendre 5 secondes et cliquez sur "Skip Ad or Passer l'annonce")

XVIII - Events :

12/28/2014: From this thread: HERE from the 12/28/2014, Jo, and his team wish Paidvert$ out of debt. They propose to exchange your BAP swap debt against shares. The guarantee proposal 220-227 BAP per 1 share. You will no longer BAP balance; you return to the group 0. This operation will take place Wednesday, January 1, 2015 and everything is done automatically. You must then:

  • either sell your units against cash,
  • or to obtain new BAP.

Jo recommends to sell $0.11+, or sell for a value of 227 BAP+, for a capital gain of 155%. To achieve this value, it will last between 3 and 6 weeks or 3 months; be patient. The exact price of the swap will be announced on January 1st 2015!

It should be noted that this approach was performed 3 times in the past.

An explanation by a graphic: HERE or HERE

Plan B for the swap of the BAP: HERE

02/23/2015: In news of this day: HERE, and an up to date on the 03rd March 2015 : HERE, Joe, with the help of his team, said the future of MTV and therefore Paidverts about swap provided with windfall profits in 60 days = a return of 250% planned by Joe ! But it will go through the steps that are necessary and scary! I allowed myself to translate on the French forum HERE to clarify Joe projects ideas. I allowed myself to translate in the French forum HERE to clarify Joe project ideas. I would highly recommend to purchase in the shares between 0.01 and $ 0.03 as you can!

03/12/2015: In the menu PaidVert$shas been added a new source of income, which is called cash offers, the first is located in offers of ClixSense: HERE 

11/09/2015 : There is debt swap ! For further informations, please consult the news on the  MyTrafficValue forum in November 2015 : HERE ; More explanations : HERE

04/25/2016 : Ads come back into Paidverts with some important improvments like monthly paid membership ; publishing on MTV forum : HERE

03/06/2019 : Update this article because I always continue without really buying anything and also because I bet on other websites of advertisements. I maintain my trust on this site and, I have new ambitions with him.

Conclusion :

Before you sign up with my referral link below, you may view for information on the  PTC-Investigations website: HERE ; or on their Facebook fanpage : HERE ; Their Google+ : Page : HERE ; The PTCInvestigate Twitter account : HERE

The PTCInvestigation test on Paidvert$, it's : HERE

However, I will strive myself to give my opinion on this site!

The concept is wonderful; it is difficult to understand, however, I have made an effort because I've put all the links to you only whatsoever to:

  • The PaidVert$ Website, 
  • Related social networks
  • MyTrafficValue website, 
  • My articles, explanations,
  • My experiences and strategies,
  • My daily and monthly earnings,
  • Experiences of my upline

Positive Comments : 

  • A revolutionary concept, exciting,
  • Huge earnings,
  • Very promising,
  • Some ads that can rise 0.1, 0.2, $0.5 $1, $2, $5, $7, $10, $15, $30, $50 for 30 seconds. (My sponsor has already received in the month of July 2014 an $15 ad + screenshot as indubitable proof). See mine by consulting : the most important Ads:  HERE
  • Read here and all articles first and read again ;
  • Some games to earn dollars or BAP 
  • 10% ad purchase from your referrals ; They purchase 100$ of ads, you will receive 10$  of commission
  • 5% on ads interaction clicking by your referrals ; One of your referral clicks on a $10 ad value, you will received 0.5$ of commission 
  • MyTrafficValue (HUGE Earnings via this platforme which is fully different) is the father of PaidVerts, You can find an investigation's article in french : ICI, (Use Google Translate at the top right of this blog)
  • MyTrafficValue  exists since  2011 (Passé 3 ans d'existence, c'est un gage de sécurité et surtout de stabilité),
  • Some Offers (the same on ClixSense et NeoBux, so very serious) with :
    • TrialPay,
    • AdsCendMedia,
    • SuperRewards
  • Buy shares on MyTrafficValue (like on sharesmarket),
  • Dividends credited on your balance every weeks with your shares,
  • Change of the CEO with Marc De Koning,
  • I advice you to register on this website with my MyTrafficValue referral link : HERE

Negative Comments : 

  • Très difficile à comprendre car le concept de ce site PTC n'est pas comme les autres. Pour cela se rendre sur la traduction de la foire aux questions que j'ai réalisée : ICI ou l'Investigation de Paidverts en Français : ICI 
  • Doit continuer à faire ces preuves...
  • Concevoir une année avant de penser à retirer,
  • Si vous vous inscrivez avec mon lien de parrainage, veuillez être actif en cliquant sur vos pubs minimum par jour qui sont d'une trentaine selon les sites. Je ne vois aucun intérêt pour vous et pour moi, si vous ne vous y consacrez pas ; Il y a des réussites, beaucoup, seulement, il suffit de connaître les stratégies et les appliquer. Parmi celles-ci, la Patience, sans doute beaucoup d'autres que j'essaierai de mettre dans des PDF. Bonne chance ! 

It is not easy to make the leap because there are a lot of scams on the internet as there are many trusted sites. This one has good potential since its founder and his associates have focused on the transparency of its concept, which for me is a guarantee of safety.

So, before you register, please read, carefully, the following tips to avoid ambiguity. I invite you to understand that it will take patience and a lot to start making NET profit seriously. Not to make a mockery to you, take in consideration that you will need 9-12 months to think about withdrawals. And this will, of course, your initial purchase ! So, you will understand that I have no interest to sign up, if you were to suddenly stop in a few weeks! I wanted to inquire readers to sign up and be active. I have referrals who have registered but do not click on ads; I see no point to register if you do not devote it. Patience is the secret key !

So after this investigative article added some several links to read about and reassure you, if you are convinced,

➔ Please, sign up with my Paidvert$ referral link : HERE



Have a great day!

The best for you!


NOTE: Photo (s) and content are original and should not be used without permission of the author - Christophe Leroy - aka cleroy61, Copyright 2014 to Today All rights reserved.

All third party products, trademarks or above marks are the property of their respective owners. No affiliation or endorsement is intended or implied.

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