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FutureNet/FutureAdPro - Review : Social Media and Advertising company who are paying for your activities ! Investigation

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This article is a review, an investigation, a tutorial, a presentation, a careful investigation website of FutureNET/FutureAdPro which has developed a completely new principle in the world of social networks, advertising agencies, traffic exchange sites, digital products and residual income.

FutureNET NEW social Media like Facebook. More infos here : →

I - What are FutureNET and FutureAdPro ?

FutureNET is  :

A social media 
which looks like Facebook that sells advertising spaces, allows you to promote your content and which rewards you financially for your business with digital products such as:

  • The social media like writing posts, liking, sharing, commenting (Free),
  • The success system - 3 videos (Free
  • The digital product, 3x3 Matrix which is the Friends Tree (paid),
  • The digital product FutureLandingPage (paid), 
  • The digital product FutureCloud (paid), 
  • The digital product FutureBlog (paid), 
  • The digital product FutureVideoMail (paid), 
  • The digital product VideoTemplate (paid), 
  • The digital product le Chat (Free), 
  • The digital product Sales Bonus (paid),
  • The digital product Matching Bonus (paid),
  • The digital product Advertising Bonus (paid),
  • The digital product Leader Bonus (paid),
  • The digital product MultiMedia Bonus (paid),
  • The digital product Career Plan (paid),
  • The digital product FutureAdPro (paid).

Read the Chapter XXIII for the NEWS from October 29th, 2016 FutureNET Event and also the other events to come.

Openingt Date of FutureNET : 09/25/2014


FutureAdPro is :

  • The digital product developed by FutureNET,
  • An advertising company who is sharing their revenues up to 120% every 15 minutes with its members : 
    • who are purchasing at least one Ad pack and  
    • who will be "qualified" by clicking on 10 ads of 30 seconds duration per day,
  • A platform to advertisie your websites/blogs/profiles, digital products or not, your referral links,
  • A traffic Exchange

FutureAdPro is not a Ponzi scheme because because it offers several services that is selling:

  • Advertising packs,
  • Ads spaces,
  • A semi-annual or annual mandatory pack, Free up to 50 Ad Packs

You will increase your earnings mainly in several ways which are:

  • by purchasing Ad Packs at $ 50 each to achieve residual income of $ 60,
    • For being "qualified" to receive residual revenues, you must click every day 10 ads of 30 seconds duration,
  • New: Following the world event FutureNet in Warsaw, Poland, ad packs for $ 10 have been activated,
  • By getting independent partners through your referral link from which you will a percentage on five levels of their activity with the annual or interim  V package :
    • 8%
    • 4%
    • 1%
    • 1%
    • 1%
    • on the Ad Packs purchases, 
    • on the Ad Views purchases,
    • NOTE : The independent partners allow unlimited and colossal gains,
  • on additional advertising purchases through the Ad Views

FutureNET NEW social Media like Facebook. More infos here : →

Above all, you must understand that it is a purchase of advertising space by the Ad Packs and understand that this is not an initial investment.

Quickly though! 10 ads should be clicked every day. All you have to do is click on the ads, each corresponding to an ads. Then you visit the website for 30 seconds to unlock your counter for the next 24 hours by clicking on the icon to check whether you are a human. That's all ! Your balance will be incremented automatically every 15 minutes, 96 times a day!

It will take 10 minutes a day to click 10 ads.

You will got paid every 15 minutes, 
96 times per day, 
24 hours on 24, 
7 days on 7, 
365 days on 365 !

Opening Date of FutureAdPro : 04/08/2016


For a first way into 3 videos, visit this link : HERE

I - Legal Contact of FutureNET ?

Country : Wroclaw - Pologne

Admin : Stephan Morgenstern & Roman Ziemian

Head Office : 

Futurenet Inc.






MH 96960

Currency : Dollars américain

→ Source:  

  • on Facebook - in Polish : HERE ; in english : HERE ; 
  • on Polish website : HERE and HERE

→ The FutureNET' servers :


2. Whois :

→ The FutureAdPro's servers : 


2. :

3. :

→ Youtube official videos : HERE

II - Who are Roman Ziemian et Stephan Morgenstern ?

In the "company" of your dashboard, there are photos of the two founders with their vision, mission, values, team and a contact form.

Stephan Morgenstern is the CEO and Founder says : "With FutureNet all my business dreams come true. We are building a platform for people from all over the world.".

→ Facebook Page : HERE

Roman Ziemianis the CEO and Founder says : "His story related to enterprise started at the age of 15 by establishing his first trading company."

→ Facebook Page : HERE

Their Vision :

"We create the first social network platform that has innovative tools for communicating and our own products to help people around the world realize their full potential on the Internet."

Their mission :

"We are the most innovative social networking platform that connects and inspires people around the world to pursue their potential on the Internet, providing them with constantly new products and creative solutions."

Our values :

  • The passion with which we create
  • Provision of products and services that they use with pleasure
  • The profesionalism, continuous development and commitment to excellence
  • The constant search for new and better solutions
  • Open communication with partners, customers and employers
  • Co-operation and trust
  • Honesty and credibility

III - How can I start and register on FutureNET ?

Your first reaction would be that this platform looks good ! But well, I do not know how to do ? I do not know anything about it ! How to start, etc ...

First, registering on FutureNET can be done immediately : HERE

Secondly, registration is totally FREE !

Thirdly, the use is fully FREE, like writing a post, upload photos, videos, liking, sharing, commenting, You can start making money without spend any dime by using 
FutureNET who looks like to Facebook, watch the picture below :

FutureNET NEW social Media like Facebook. More infos here : →

Fourthly, you can make money with the purchase of the 3x3x10 matrix of the $10 package up to a potential of $44,286 (Results are not typical). It's huge, isn't it ? See below for detailed explanations carefully !

Note that the Friend Bonus is the 3x3 matrix of 10 levels!

IV - Explanations about the 3x3 Matrix ?

You have 6 member packages
, that are digital products, that you can also accumulate:

  • The Premium memberships :
    • Beginner member at $10 (+ Matching Bonus : 10%, so $1)
    • Basic member at  $25 (+ Matching Bonus : 20%, so $5)
    • Gold r member at $50 (+ Matching Bonus : 30%, so $15)
  • The Matrix memberships :
    • Exclusive member at $100 (+ Matching Bonus : 50%, so $50)
    • Saphire member at $500 (+ Matching Bonus : 50%, so $250)
    • Royal member at $1 000 (+ Matching Bonus : 50%, so $500)

A total of spending on all packages $1 685$ ! 

Solely you can make money with the package for $10 up to a potential of $44,286 (wrongly marked $44,099 in the video) with the 3x3 matrix on 10 levels!

Example : 

If you decided to take the member for $10, added to the $25, the $50, the $100, making it $185, then you will earn a potential 4428,6 times more than the memberships at $185, or potential earnings up $185 x 4428,6 = $819,291 !

You begin to understand the earnings system from memberships !

Another advantage, there is no fee or monthly cost, half-yearly or yearly!


Anyone can do that! Register immediately and for free on FutureNET : HERE, but you can use the social media for Free like on Facebook. The number of members whom will register with you, is illimited. A member become independent partner while he will buy the $10 membership that is a digital product. The number of independent partners is limited by the friend tree on 10 levels.

Then, move to right package for you and the smallest is at 10$ !

But you will tell me no one will want to register and even spending $10 ? Please read on!

The 3x3 matrix is the momentum on 10 levels, starting at $10, can reach $44 286. If you followed the example with the 4 memberships, $10, $25, $50, $100, that's over $819,000 of 
potential earnings ! Now imagine that you have the 6 memberships, $10, $25, $50, $100, $500, $1,000, you would expect the potential earnings up to $7 millions ! What do you think ! Not true ? I do not believe it ?

You could invoke it's not for me ! It is too hard ! Impossible to find independent partners ! So some small subtle tips for you ! Aim this activity for the next four years thinking about the Olympic Games and the Football World Cu p; What were you doing it two years ago ? Compared to today, what has happened? What have you win ? Nothing or very little because the last World Cup is still two years after the Olympic Games. Then ? For two years, What has happened ? But now we are moving into the future: What are your goals for the next coming of the World Cup or Olympics overlapping every 2 years ? So what are your goals for the next two years, the next 4 with FutureNET ?

"This previous paragraph was a mouthful because it takes 59,049 partners to fill out the 10th level. And, the total on 10 levels has 88 572 partners. Huge, isn't it ? What ? But it is impossible ! how can we reach this number? You will say that it is a huge job to find 59,049 partners. Well no ! Because the only thing you need to do is find 3 partners that will take the $10 membership and that's it ! These 3 partners must duplicate this technique, find 3 other partners each, and they will must take the $10 membership and other memberships. I repeat, these 3 other partners must also find each 3 partners, duplicate this technique and so on, up to the 10th level. It's not up to you to find all the 88 572 partners to fill in the 3x3 matrix."

Invite and use your friends that you have on twitter, facebook, and other social networks, your contacts on Skypes, gmail, make the Ad, etc ... Imagine a target of 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 first, then 200 or 365 members per year !

Where do you go in two years into FutureNET with only $10 to a potential earning up to $44 286 with 3x3 matrix !

Reminder: Emanating from $10, $25, $50, $100, $500, $1000 memberships, when one of your members / referrals will buy one or six memberships, you will receive 10%, 20%, 30%, 50%, 50%, 50% from these membership and these percentages are the Matching Bonus, so it is $1, $5, $22.5, $50, $250, $500 per independent partner.

  • The Premium memberships :
    • The Beginner membership at $10 (Matching Bonus : 10%, so $1)
    • The Basic memberships at $25 (Matching Bonus : 20%, so $5)
    • The Gold memberships at $50 (Matching Bonus : 30%, so $22.5)
  • The Matrixes memberships :
    • The Exclusive membership à $100 (Matching Bonus : 50%, so $50)
    • The Saphire membership à $500 (Matching Bonus : 50%, so $250)
    • The Royal à membership $1 000 (Matching Bonus : 50%, so $500)

And this it is without the other benefits that are the bonus that have been listed below !

We begin with the Friends Bonus, 3x3 matrix, the famous 5% on 10 levels :→ Matrix 3x3 explained : How happens for computing the purchase of $ 10 Beginner package to reach potentially.
[FREE PDF] If you wish access to these informations, I have inserted them into a seperate file  : contact me for accessing to these files : HERE

FutureNET NEW social Media like Facebook. More infos here : →

Now we will move on to the earnings from Matching Bonus.

V - The Matching Bonus :

For 1 partner who has completed the 10 levels, the 59 049 positions.

[FREE PDF] If you wish access to these informations, I have inserted them into a seperate file : contact me for accessing to these files : HERE

  contact me for accessing to these files : HERE

IMPORTANTE NOTE :  Results are not typical 

VI - The MultiMedia Bonus ?

This bonus, you know? This is tricky, if not incongruous in relation to the counts of the previous chapter, because there will probably  not believe it either, because it could make you a millionaire !! What ? Again ! It's not possible !

You believe in it ? You want to know more, even if it seems unbelievable at first sight! See for yourself:

Do you have your own Multi Media files that are your:

  • music files, 
  • Videos, Webinares,
  • Images, Photos
  • Games,
  • Banners,
  • Templates,
  • Tutorials,
  • Apps,
  • E-books,
  • E-Learnings,

What would you do? You don't know ! Let me tell you this ...

And if you will offer them for sale on the FutureNET platform?

This is available to you in the Product tab where has located the following digital products :

  • FutureNET Landing Page,
  • Momentum System,
  • FutureCloud,
  • FutureBlog,
  • FutureVideoMail,
  • FutureVideoProduction,
  • WebTemplate,

You are setting your selling price, so you could use an external link so that your product is for sale to customers and once downloaded, you would received a commission from this order:

  • 50% from the prize for you,
  • 40% is going into the marketing plan,
  • 10% for a FutureNET commission,

One of the conditions is to be a Premium Member and have accepted the terms of use.

An information which confirms that FutureNET is not a pyramid scheme and a Ponzi !

VII - The Sales Bonus ?

What is said and written: 

For each sales FutureNET Products : 

  • FutureNET Landing Page,
  • Momentum System,
  • FutureCloud,
  • FutureBlog,
  • FutureVideoMail,
  • FutureVideoProduction,
  • WebTemplate,

    You will receive 30% in direct commission. Then, you will receive a reward on 10 levels on each sales FutureNET Products except the purchases made with MediaPoints. You do not understand from the previous chapter. It's simple ! The products listed above are not free; they have a monthly fee, quarterly, half yearly or yearly. It is forbidden to write them due to the terms of use !

    The social media bonus is earnings without spending anything !

    VIII - The Advertising Sales Bonus ?

    To understand it, this advertising sales Bonus  will grant you 20% in direct commission for each customer of advertising that you will bring you FutureNET and they will be connected to you forever!

    IX - How can I start my own Success-System on FutureNET ?

    The presentation of the FutureNET Success system : HERE (in english) - Contact-me through email, and not by phone!

    X - The Social Media Bonus ?

    To understand it, this bonus awards for your social activity on FutureNET, especially for chatting. You will find the link into the Your Activity bonus. It's usually a few cents when you will use it to chat with friends!

    This part is to be encouraged because if you do not have $10 to start and buy this first $10 membership (with a potential earnings of $44,289), you can chat with friends and accumulate your pennies to reach $10 to pay your first package.

    The social media bonus are the earnings without spending anything ! Some peoples don't or can't want to spend any cents on the internet. Then, FutureNET ahas thought for these peoples, but the job is harder to achieve.

    XI - The Leader Bonus ?

    To understand it, this bonus awards a percentage such as :

    • 1% = 
      • Conditions : 6 personal partners, dont 3 personal partners with 3 personal partners, 
      • Total turnover : $2 000, 
      • Monthly Turnover : -
      • Turnover Division Maximum 50% from one team,
    • 2% = 
      • Conditions : 3 personal partners qualified for the 1% (6 personal partners, dont 3 personal partners with 3 personal partners),
      • Total turnover : $10 000, 
      • Turnover mensuel : -
      • Turnover Division Maximum 50% from one team,
    • 3% = 
      • Conditions : 3 personal partners qualified for the  2%
      • Total turnover : $25 000, 
      • Monthly Turnover : -
      • Turnover Division Maximum 50% from one team,
    • 4% =  
      • Conditions : 3 personal partners qualified for the  3%
      • Total turnover : $100 000, 
      • Monthly Turnover : -
      • Turnover Division Maximum 50% from one team,
    • 5% =  
      • Conditions : 3 personal partners qualified for the  4% ou 6 personal partners qualified for the 3%,
      • Total turnover : $250 000, 
      • Monthly Turnover : $5 000
      • Turnover Division Maximum 50% from one team,
    • 6% =  
      • Conditions : 3 personal partners qualified for the  5% ou 6 personal partners qualified for the 4%
      • Total turnover : $500 000, 
      • Monthly Turnover : $15 000
      • Turnover Division Maximum 50% from one team,
    • 7% =  
      • Conditions : 3 personal partners qualified for the 6% ou 6 personal partners qualified for the  5%,
      • Total turnover : $1 000 000, 
      • Monthly Turnover : $25 000
      • Turnover Division Maximum 50% from one team,

    This bonus is not to be neglected because it will be very important in the earnings that will add to the Matrix 3x3, characterized by the Friends Bonus mention, and Matching bonus. As a result, you have 3 bonuses that generate large passive incomes from the $10 membership and you know the others ($25, $50, $100, $500, $1 000) :
    •      The 3x3 matrix indicated as Friends Bonus,
    •      The Matching Bonus,
    •      The Leader Bonus,

    XII - How can I invite my friends on FutureNET ?

    Invite and use your friends on twitter, facebook, and the other social medai, your gmail, skype contacts, make advertising, build a blog, etc ... 

    Imagine a target of 20, 50 or 100, then 200 or 365 members per year as I have  previously explained in Chapter IV.

    Use the "Downloads" link on the right menu and you will see all materials that you could use :

    FutureNET NEW social Media like Facebook. More infos here : →

    I will come back to show you how have I done my Success System that you can find on the right menu called "Success System" and also momentum :

    XIII - More infos about FutureNET ?

    The FutureNET/FutureAdPro 
    official facebook page : HERE

    The FutureNET/FutureAdPro French Facebook Group : HERE
    The FutureNET/FutureAdPro international Facebook Group : HERE

    The FutureNET/FutureAdPro blog for the last news : HERE

    The FutureNET Youtube account : HERE 

    XIV - Who can use FutureNET and FutureAdPro ?

    Everybody ! All countries are welcome! No restrictions !

    The only restrictions come from payment processors !

    XV - What are the methods of deposits and cash withdrawals ?

    • SolidTrustPay,
    • Payza, 
    • Neteller,
    • DotPay,
    • Sofort,
    • Bitcoin,
    • Payeer,
    • PerfectMoney,
    • 2Pay4You,
    • OkPay

    XVI - Earn money with the referral link :

    → A - VERY IMPORTANT NOTE : While you will register, you will become a partner, member and customerYou are not an investissor !

    → B - While you will register on the FutureNET social media, you are automatically a member of the advertising agency, FutureAdPro

    → C - VERY IMPORTANT NOTE : By having a referral or independent partner on the advertising agency FutureAdPro, know that you can earn more than him by reason of your commitment to find new partners, which means that it is not a Ponzi system and not a pyramid scheme.

    → D - It is not a Multi Level Marketing because you will earn commissions from 5 levels through the referral link!

    → E - You do not invest, you buy a service which is called the advertising's purchase ! An investment is linked to the banking system that is regulated by the Monetary and Financial Code, ie, banks guarantee an annual percentage or another by the capital market system and the stock market going up and down! This is not the case for FutureAdPro because you buy the advertising as you would to advertise a product on TV, radio or print media whose results are not guaranteed.

    → F - FutureAdPro guaranteed visits by purchasing Ad Packs and advertising visits, Ad Views, which are advertising packages ! Advertising is governed by the Commercial Code, so, that it is not the same rules ! We talk about shared income or unsecured residual income and not interests !

    FutureAdPro is not an investment. Say that again because it's very important in terms of European law !

    → G - Why it is not a business ?

    Because you do not have to wait one year for receiving your money!

    or wait 30 days to receive your salary if you are employed in a company !

    With the advertising agency, FutureAdPro, you get paid every 15 minutes, 96 times a day, every day, 7 days out of 7, 365 days out of 365 ! Do you understand ?

    → H - The FutureAdPro program offers 15% on 5 levels through the purchases that your referrals will perform !

    Which is huge assuming to have some partners that will reach 1000 AP (Ad Packs) !

    Why ?

    First, the advertising agency FutureAdPro allows to bring some GUARANTEED traffic to your website or blog that will necessarily generate additional visibility, partners, additional members. We are talking often programs with referral links, but a website that promotes its hotel, camping, local products will probably see a flood of new customers.

    Second, the social network FutureNET, see the Alexa rank of today: HERE - as of August 1st, 2016, it was:

    The advertising agency FutureAdPro, see the Alexa rank of today: HERE - as of August 1st, 2016, it was :

    Check out the Alexa page on Wikipedia to understand what is Alexa : HERE

    → I - Why the advertising agency, FutureAdPro is not a PayToClick ?

    You get paid once you have clicked on your ad $0.01 and other $0.001 !

    Into the advertising agency, FutureAdPro, you are going to click on 10 ads in the traffic exchange during 30-second each that you will have to look because you will have to click a second time to confirm that you have seen advertising !

    After your 10 ads clicked, you are "qualified" to receive revenue sharing or residual income on all profits from sales achieved by the business of the day, this is why residual income are not guaranteed as we can not know sales of the day in advance !

    In short, members, who is buying advertising, are paid for advertising up to 20% - daily results are not fixed and guaranteed, but the expiration will arrive at its term !

    → J -  Payments :

    Payments have been made! Do your research on the facebook Groups !

    → H - Les forfaits payant vous accordent certains privilèges :

    • Level I : (Free)
      • 50 ad packs max
      • Level 1 : 3%
    • Level II :
      • 100 ad packs max
      • Level 1 : 4%
      • Level 2 : 1%
    • Level III :
      • 300 ad packs max
      • Level 1 : 6%
      • Level 2 : 3%
      • Level 3 : 1%
    • Level IV :
      • 500 ad packs max
      • Level 1 : 7%
      • Level 2 : 3%
      • Level 3 : 1%
      • Level 4 : 1%
    • Level V :
      • 1 000 ad packs max
      • Level  1 : 8%
      • Level 2 : 4%
      • Level 3 : 1%
      • Level 4 : 1%
      • Level 5 : 1%

    Prices and packages rates are at discretion ! Prohibited to write by the Terms !

    I personally prefer this system on 5 levels, it allows to earn more even if you receive "8%" at V !

    New: Following the world event FutureNET in Warsaw, Poland, The October 29th, 2016, the ad packs for $10 have been activated,

    New $10 ad packs, expiration 120%, so $12 

    - expiration more longer ; it is 80% of $50

    For me, an ad pack for $50 is an average duration of 4 months, 5 - 15 days, and 80% would meant 5 months ! I think it is more this than other explanations !

    - Depending on your subscription membership, you can purchase a maximum of:

    10 packs for $ 10 for I membership (free - no subscription).

    25 packs for $ 10 if you buy the II membership.

    50 packs for $ 10 if you buy the III membership.

    75 packs for $ 10 if you buy the IV membership.

    100 packs for $ 10 if you buy the V membership.

    XVII - Can we trust this website ? Is FutureNet/FutureAdPro a scam ?

    Yes to the first question, because of the numerous evidences.

    registered company.

    social media that pays its members with an exceptional 3x3 matrix system !

    digital products paying such as blog, Cloud, Video Mail, The Landing Pages etc ...

    Testimonials of national leaders, members, my referral on Youtube, Facebook and others.

    Internet profiles associated with its founders!

    The different profiles and groups on social networks!

    Partnerships with a Polish team of  female handball "UKS Imperium Katowice"

    Source : HERE ; HERE

    Visit the premises of FutureNET (Available on youtube and in the separate article devoted to videos).

    Profusely videos on the Youtube account in multiple languages.

    Event videos / regular meeting during the year in different countries of the world!

    Offices opening in India and the Philippines.

    No, the second question because the videos that I have provided will prove you the opposite !

    You have a more comprehensive argument lowest in the article to strengthen you in the faith in this site !

    Example + explanations of the earnings about the commissions on 5 levels ? Why it doesn't a Ponzi, a pyramidal scheme, a business, an investment, A PTC ?
    [FREE PDF] If you wish access to these informations, I have inserted them into a seperate file : contact me for accessing to these files : HERE

    XVIII - My earnings with FutureNET et FutureAdPro :

    Forbidden to show by the Terms of Service ! Your account will be suspended or banned for FutureAdPro, but FutureNET, you have all the information available in PDF located in the Download section entitled dashboard !! 

    Even if you see it on Youtube, these behaviors are prohibited normally !

    Otherwise, you can consult a table that I have built over the months: HERE

    XIX - How can I hope to earn money FutureNET et FutureAdPro ?

    Forbidden to estimate the earnings because it is prohibited by the Terms of Service ! Your account would be suspended or even banned if you write it !

    Astronomical sums if you can read the lines! I have already mentioned the benefits above in this article. The two coupled 
    FutureNET and FutureAdPro sont d'une force incommensurable ! Gains with FutureAdPro are great, but the gains with FutureNET are gigantic!

    In the Downloads section, you have all the tools to sponsor new friends ; The more you will refer, the more you will earn money!

    But, no doubt, would you tell me you do not have any money to start with?

    Please note that registration is free, HERE, and you can earn money with the Chat ! And yes, chat with your friends and you will be rewarding ! These cents, tens of that cents will allow you to reach $ 10 quickly for buying the first membership !

    Also, on FutureAdPro, it has been added ad packs for $10, so you do not have any excuses to start because it's too expensive.

    XX - Photos : 

    Photos of the founders, the team's office, the opening of the India, Ukranian, Brazil offices, logo, etc ... in different Facebook profiles.

    FutureNET nouveau réseau social type facebook. Plus d'infos sur :

    XXI - Videos :

    For a first approach in videos because there are 3, but it is in English HERE (I answer exclusively to the email and once you are registered).

    XXII - Pros versus Cons :

    PROS : 

    Please note that the FutureNET and FutureAdPro have stated : ICI

    • FutureNET
      • Registered Company,
      • Validated servers by whois,
      • Social Media looks like Facebook, but with far less features and many more products,
      • The Friends Bonus 3x3 matrix,
      • Find only 3 partners with your referral link, and in their turn, these 3 partners will must find each 3 partners,
      • Other many exceptional Bonus, including the Matching Bonus,
      • The remunerative digital products (Blog, Cloud, Vidéos, templates, and so on ...)
      • Your own digital products to sell,
      • Use of Chat that pays you,
      • Newsletter every month,
      • Regular Webinars,
      • New digital products or not from the event of October 29th, 2016 in Warsaw, Poland (Table of Contents of FutureNET's evolution : HERE),
      • In the Downloads section, you have all the tools to sponsor new friends (Banners, rollup, videos, Marketing plan, Business plan, Tutorials, Flyers, Magazine, etc ...),
      • Long term program,
      • Write your own content and make advertising to promote it,
    • FutureAdPro
      • Digital product from FutureNET
      • Required 10 clicks per day for a maximum duration of 30 seconds, so, less than 10 minutes a day,
      • Advertising purchase for a Ad Pack at $ 50 for a gain of 20% (unsecured daily residual income),
      • New: Following the world event FutureNet in Warsaw, Poland, ad packs for $ 10 have been activated,
      • Maximum purchase of 1 000 Ad Packs, 
      • Illimited Advertising purchase with the Ad views,
      • Earn money without partners, but to get them is a plus,
      • Income every 15 minutes, 3 times per hour, 96 times a day, 7 days out of 7, 365 days out of 365,
      • Referral on 5 levels,
        • levels 1 : 8%
        • levels 2 : 4%
        • levels 3 : 1%
        • levels 4 : 1%
        • levels 5 : 1%
        • representing 15% of income with your referral link, imagine a referral with 1000 AP and sub-referral,
      • 5 semi or annual member,
      • Ideal for promoting your referral links, blogs, websites, forums, hotel brands, shop, etc ... with advertising thanks to the Alexa ranking,
      • HUGE incomes,
      • Zero Debt,
      • Fill the "Profile" link otherwise your account will be banned,
        • Provide your identity card,
        • Your electricity bill,
      • Buying holidays,
      • Clients part,
        • Here you can create coupons of $ 100 for your customers (companies should advertise their products). You get 1 codes for 10 AdPacks free or you can buy them for $ 10 each. Important: each company can use only one free purchase's voucher 
      • Account payment processors : SolidTrustPay, Payza, Neteller, 2Pay4You, etc ...
      • Career plan,
      • 5% of your withdrawals from  FutureAdPro will go into FutureNET  into the Upgraded membership and the Marketing Plan,
      • Facebook groups and pages,
      • Facebook francophone groups still present and active,
      • Explanatory videos, conferences on Youtube,
      • to discover absolutely,

    CONS : 

    • FutureNET
      • Difficult to understand or even incomprehensible even with documentation,
      • Missing some functions with respect to facebook,
    • FutureAdPro
      • A bit complicated at the begininig !
      • semi-annual and annual  member, 
      • Adpack purchase at $50 to return $60 ; it's expensive to start well because it does not take only one to buy ! Feel free to contact me with valuable advice. This problem is solved with the creation of ad packs for $ 10 after the Warsaw event in Poland October 29th, 2016.

    XXIII - News : 

    After the Octobre 29th, 2016 event to Warsaw in Poland, the following news has been brought  : 

    • New - E-Commence online
    • New - shopping portal
    • New - Socia network new release
    • New - Withdrawal in gold
    • New - New smartphone app
    • New - $10 AdPacks
    • New - PrePaid card
    • New - PayCodes
    • New - New offices in Brazil, In India, Ukraine,
    • New - Coffee shop with internet
    • New - Sponsoring
    • New - Chat Platform 

    The newsletter from 24th December 2016, the CEO will "forecast" for 2017 :

    • FutureNet Apps
    • FutureNet World Convention on 11th March
    • Start of another brilliant FutureNet business opportunity
    • Expansion of our shop offer
    • Commission payments in physical GOLD bars
    • Gold in different denominations in the FutureNet Shop
    • Inauguration of the first FutureNet Café
    • New FutureNet website
    • Expansion of the FutureNet product portfolio
    • Start of FutureNet Adwords / Ads on the platform
    • Expansion of the FutureNet games portfolio
    • Introduction of further payment and disbursement opportunities
    • Launch of a number of social projects and initiatives
    • Inauguration of new offices in different countries worldwide
    • Expansion of our sport sponsoring activites

    XXIV - How can I start with FutureNET and FutureAdPro ?

    If you think you have received all the information below then they will be very useful:

    • FutureNET :
      • Register, it's FULLY FREE : HERE 
    • FutureAdPro :
      • Open an account on a payment processor such as SolidTrustPay : HERE, Payza HERE or other by providing all digital documents required in order to have a verified account (SolidTrustPay is a payment and transfers processor  to PayPal ; it is simple, secure, stable and confidence), wait for your account to be VALID ,
      • Join by registering with the link to become a member and customer of the advertising agency, FutureAdProHERE
      • Into FutureAdPro, complete "Profile" link otherwise your account will be banned,
      • Buying one or several Ad Packs for $50 via your favorite processor,
      • In the link at the bottom "Watching Ads", you can start to click 10 ads of 30 seconds duration to be "qualified" for the next 24 hours which means to receive residual income AND commissions from your referrals,
      • Watch your numbers incrementing that are located on your Balance every 15 minutes,
      • That's all !! Or work less than 10 minutes a day to earn US cents a day which will turn into hundreds of dollars depending on your work,
      • build your account! Good luck !

    Conclusion :

    This article is done where you could find:

    • My explanation as investigation,
    • My opinion on the pros and cons,
    • The rules to respect,
    • The facebook Groups,
    • The videos in the main European languages,
    • International events,

    → IMPORTANT : All calculations of examples of losses or profits are only estimates that you can earn and are in no way be considered as guarantees. Your success or failure depends entirely on the the individual's commitment !

    The advertising on FutureAdPro is less expensive and accessible to online individuals compared to traditional media such as TV, print media radio. It allows access to more customers thanks to the traffic that it generates !

    To generate strong revenues, viable, the FutureAdPro platform is made to attract new customers to sell their digital products. Imagine 100 million visitors per month ; this figure represents a very high click rates ! Advertisers are advertising to attract new customers with a simple and easy means  by purchasing (not investing) advertising which is called Ad Pack for $ 50, which contains true impressions that returns 20%, or $60 on an indefinite period and you get paid for doing that !! You click on 10 ads of 30 seconds maximum duration per day to be qualified for receiving revenue sharing and that's it ! Your account will increment automatically ! Your only requirement is that you repeated this practice daily !

    IMPORTANTE NOTE : The Ad Packs for $10 have been activated.

    All members are satisfied because all members are paid ! 4 times per hour, 96 times a day ! Even during the practice of a sport during your holidays or even better while you are sleeping ! You earn money without selling anything ! No sponsor! Without recommending !

    Is it faster than waiting for your salary at the end of 30 days?

    Your best office and collaborator will be your computer or even your mobile phone or tablet ! You do not need any technical knowledges, just knowing to click 10 times during a day and buy at least one Ad Pack.

    The more you have Ad Packs, more you will earn money !

    Your earnings are unlimited thanks to the sponsorship system ! Up to 15% member from the 5  levels.

    Sustainable incomes through the development of social network, FutureNET 

    Instantaneous transfers or maximum 2 working days to your payment processor from Monday to Friday!

    Where does all this money come from ? The answer is simple! Advertisers want traffic! The websites advertised on FutureAdPro have thousands or even millions of visitors every day ! For this, they pay Ad Packs and/or advertising spaces, the Ad Views, like banners for this traffic to get new customers ! Remember the advertising in traditional media such as TV, radio, newspapers : All advertising space can be bought !
     FutureAdPro sells advertising space on the web ! All proceeds from these advertising spaces are shared with you, the members ! The members shall paid 4 times per hour, 96 times a day, every day, 7 days out of 7, 365 days out of 365 !

    One strategy is to buy a Ad Pack once you have reached $ 50 from your balance !

    Internet marketing tools in the downloads part on FutureNET  such as banners, email marketing, e-books, of Landing Pages, videos, local / national events, pages / groups facebook, or an "Invite Friends" function are available to promote FutureAdPro or FutureNET !


    "Whoever does not advertise, dies" : Henri Ford

    Motivations before signing up : 

    1 - If you do not go near what you want, you will never get it
    2 - If you do not ask, the answer will always be NO!
    3 - If you do not go forward, then you will always be in the same place!

    "Doubt clears action!
    But the action clears the doubt
    You have hesitated to ask anything?
    So you were in doubt ...
    A tip, take action!"

    IMPORTANT : Note that you are the actor of your future when you are a FutureNET member ! If you decide to have any affiliate, you will earn money, then, you decide to have one, afterwards most than 5 000, 10 000, even much more, then, this will be the work of your marketing techniques mastery and personal development.

    → Travail personel – Explications de mes gains FutureAdPro ICI (English article)
    → Travail personel – FutureAdPro étape par étape : ICI (Use google Translate)
    → On commence avec le Friends Bonus, la matrice 3x3, les fameux 5% sur 10 niveaux :
    [PDF GRATUIT] Si vous voulez accéder à ces informations, je les ai inséré dans un fichier séparé : Me contacter pour accéder à ces fichiers : ICI

    If, despite all its information, you have any questions on a misunderstanding, please contact me through the means that I have put at your disposal by selecting about (à propos) or by writing me in the comments!

    To register with confidence because Registration is FREE, no cost, no obligation, and to familiarize yourself with the system. Please visit this site by registering.

    ➔ Please, register and join this social media, FutureNET  to become an independent partner : HERE

    ➔ Please, register and join this advertising agency FutureAdPro to become an independent partner : HERE

    *** Table des matières de mes articles FutureNET : ICI ***

    IMPORTANTE NOTE : You need a bonus to start well, register and contact me for this purpose.


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    The best for you !

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    All calculations of examples of losses or profits are estimates only that you can earn and are in no way be considered as guarantees. Your success or failure depends entirely on your commitment, your understanding and your intellectual and financial capacity!

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