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MyAdvertisingPays : Investigation - Review (revenue sharing and advertising compagny)

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Dernière mise à jour : 23th February 2017 - version 6.4

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NOTE IMPORTANTE : This website will not exist from 03rd January 2017 To be replaced by another platform named  TheAdvertPlatform (Registration : HERE) from the same MAP team. I obtained the reasons and explanations evoked by the founder and CEO of MyAdvertisingPays of which I provide you the text on a forum where I have written the post and news, from this platform: HERE. When I will have access to the new platform, then I will decide whether I continue or not.

→ If you want to continue with this type of platform, I suggest  FutureAdProHERE

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This article is an investigation, a tutorial, a presentation, a semantic analysis of the  MyAdvertisingPays website which has developed a completely new principle in the world of traffic exchanges and revenue sharing websites. Why MyAdvertisingPays is not a scam ?

I - What is a PTC website ? 

It is a platform and an advertising system that allows to earn money by clicking advertisements. So this method is called Paid-To-Click (PTC). You get paid once you've seen the ad and have confirmed by clicking which increments your account!

II - What is MyAdvertisingPays ?

Coordonnées de l'entreprise enregistrée en Grande-Bretagne :

Managing Director: Michael Everette Deese

Company Name: My Advertising Pays Limited (Ltd.)

Company Number: 8927115

Court of Registration: The Registrar of Companies for England and Wales

Companies Act: The Companies Act 2006

Registered Address: Queen Court, 24 Queen Street, Manchester, England, M2 5HX

Member State: Great Britain

VAT ID# GB 231289909

Company Type: Private Company Limited by Shares

Source: My Advertising Pays | Tomorrows Advertising Today

MyAdvertisingPays is :

  • an advertising agency who shares its revenues with their members,
  • a platform to advertise your websites / blogs / profiles / Referral links /digital products or not,
  • a Traffic Exchange
Elle vend des produits numérique qui sont : 

  • Banner ads,
  • Credit Packs,
  • Credit booster,
  • Pop under guaranteed visitors,
  • Wheel Guaranteed visitors

This is why it is not a Ponzi shema. To understand what this means, despite going on Wikipedia, it is to remember the Maddoff system ! Now you understand what a Ponzi. Charles Ponzi is the ancestor of Maddoff who made his fortune on a loan channel! The interest paid to savers are deducted from monies placed by the following subscribers.

You will increase your earnings mainly in several ways, but there are others, which are into MyAdvertisingPays:

  • by purchasing Credit packs at €50 each to earn €55,
    • by clicking on the 10 ad links to be "qualified" for receiving the revenues sharing,
  • by obtaining DR = Direct Referrals, direct referrals obtained by your referral link which you will receive 10% of their business :
    • by purchasing CreditPacks, 
    • By purchasing Advertising,
  • The direct referrals allow unlimited and huge earning,
  • Wheel of fortune

Furthermore, you will be paid from your Direct referrals (DR = Direct referral) and from Credit Packs, once you have clicked on advertisements which are 10 every 24 hours with a maximum duration of 30 seconds each, in order to be qualified for the day, so the next 24 hours. 

So, you'll understand if you do not set a goal by clicking 10 ads a day, which takes 10 x 30 seconds per day, I do not see the point for registering to become member. But you must undestand that it is the purchase of advertising space (credit pack) and not a starting investment.

However, a digression is necessary for MyAdvertisingPays site because its concept is totally different because there is no downline to rent as on other PTC. I highly suggest you check out the FAQ on the website or in french in the PDF (Non official) that I have translated into a PDF, below, for details because it is very explicit.

Quickly, however! 10 advertisements should be clicked every day. All you have to do is to click on the ads that match each, one advertisement, and entering the Captcha code to check whether you are a human. Then, you visit the Web site for 30, 15 or 10 seconds to unlock your counter for the next 24 hours. That's all ! Your balance will be incremented automatically every 20 minutes during 72 times per day, 365 days on 365 !

It will take you 10-15 minutes per day to click 10 ads.

III - Who is Michael Deese ?

He is the founder and the CEO of MyAdvertisingPays platform that provides advertising services among other services described below.

The Facebook page of MyAdvertisingPays official : HERE
The Facebook page of MyAdvertisingPays Groupe Français : ICI
The Facebook page of MyAdvertisingPays international Group : ICI 
The MyAdvertisingPays Blog for the last news : HERE
His presentation : HERE

MyAdvertisingPays exists since 12th Décember 2013.

IV - What are the services provided by MyAdvertisingPays, please ?

  • The ad packages (Credit Packs) at €50 to return you $55,
  • Credits to promote its site / blog with the banners ads, etc ...,
  • The traffic exchange (Traffic Rotator),
  • The credits boosters,
  • The wheel garanteed visitors,
  • The 10% of your referrals activity on all services provided above you will get when they will registered with your referral link.

V - Who can use MyAdvertisingPays ?

All the world ! All countries are welcome! No restrictions!

News : For the MAP 2.0, leaders have pull out from the US market. However, Canadians, Mexicans and south america can register on MyAdvertisingPays.

VI - What are the methods of deposit and withdrawal of money ?

VII - How can I earn money with your referral link ?

10% on the purchase that your referrals will perform! Which is huge by assuming to have some referrals who will reach 1200 CP (Credit Packs) because it is 1 000 CP on MAP 2.0!

Imagine some companies who want to increase their audience on the web, they can buy all the advertising services provided by
MyAdvertisingPays and you will perceive 10%.

What for ?

First, MyAdvertisingPays helps bring a GUARANTEE traffic to your website or blog that necessarily will generate an additional visibility. We often speak here programs with referral links, but a website that promotes the hotel will probably see some new customer.

MyAdvertisingPays has happened in the month of July 2015, below 6000 PageRank of Alexa! Get it? If you still do not understand, read the Alexa Rank : HERE

Third, in July 2015 is 100 million visitors that have been guaranteed and real by validating the Captcha code!

See the Alexa Page on Wikipedia  France to understand who is Alexa: ICI

VIII - How can I make advert for a website, a blog ?

Soon ...

IX - Can we trust this website? Is it a scam ?

Yes, because of the many testimonials from national leaders, regional leaders, members, my sponsor on Youtube, Facebook !The different profiles and groups on social networks like facebook in all languages !

Profusely videos with users who show their success, their face, their downlines, the different testimonials!

Regular Event/Meeting videos during the year in different countries of the world!

Event videos / regular meeting during the year in different countries of the world!

No, to the second question because the videos, the testimonials, members profils on facebook, events every week that I have put which prove you wrong ! They are in all European languages, even in Russian! (Contact me in Private)

The gifts that my sponsor offered meie, 3 CreditPacks at $ 49.99 each under MAP 1.0 ! Thanks to him !Web sites associated with its founder! (internal setting in the website)

You have a more exhaustive argument in order to strengthen you in the faith in this site!

X - My earnings on MyAdvertisingPays :

Prohibited to show your earnings by ToS: Terms of Services ! You will be banned !

XI - How can I earn with MyAdvertisingPays ?

Forbidden to estimate the gains because this is prohibited by the Terms of Service ! Your account will be suspended or banned if you wrote !

Astronomical earnings ! I speak lowest in the advantages of this article.

This is not true, you might say? Another illusion, a scam ? It's true you might think it for several reasons.

Then peruse the image below, regarding the progress of the online advertising market for the years 2014-2019 - you can also consult wikipedia :

This speaks volumes about the capabilities of this media for individuals! What for ? Because individuals have developed advertising platforms as do Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter! These companies do not earn millions but billions of dollars in the US, but also around the world!

MyAdvertisingPays will allow you to practice by using these tools pocketing a few dozen dollars, then hundreds, then thousands of dollars per day, so on ... !

What is the secret de MyadvertisingPays ? 95% of Advertising revenues from MyAdvertisingPays will be share with the members ! Wonderful, isn't it ?


[PDF] La traduction de la FAQ en français de MyAdvertisingPays : ICI.
(Please, wait 5 seconds and click on "Skip Ad or Passer l'annonce")

English FAQ - La version anglaise sur le site : ICI

XIII - Videos :

The videos that I found to convince you some more will be provided in private. But you can find a very light video on the website : ICI

XIV - Pros vs Cons :

Positive comments : 

Attention please note that the new features of MyAdvertisingPays 2.0 release are set out below in the article.

  • Purchase of Advertising earn you residual income,
  • 10 clicks requis per day for 30 secondes maximal duration, so less 10-15 minutes per day,
  • Purchase advertising with Credit Pack at €50 to return €55,
  • 1 000 Credit Packs purchase,
  • Unlimited advertising purchase,
  • Revenues every 20 minutes, so 3 times per day, 72 times per day, 365 days on 365,
  • Purchase one to five more credit packs to your referrals/friends to discover MAP (Pay It Forward); it is a great gift idea because you will recover your gift by income related to your referral link,
  • 10% of income from your referral link through payment processors and 5% from their balance, imagine a referral with 1 000 CP,
  • Try to earn the JackPot with "Speen wheel", or others earnings such as : 
    • $0.01, 
    • $0.05, 
    • $0.25, 
    • $0.50, 
    • $1, 
    • $2, 
    • $5, 
    • a 125 x 125 banner,
    • a 768 x 90 banner,
  • Go on holiday with Vacation Timer for €5 a day and continue to earn every 20 minutes,
  • Auto-purchase of CreditPacks, when your available balance accumulates € 49.99, the system automatically triggers a purchase,
  • Ideal for promoting your referral links, blogs, websites, forums, hotel, brands, shop, etc ... with advertising due to the MAP Alexa Rank, 
  • Your sponsor can offer you CreditPacks (Personally, my Sponsor offered me 3 CreditPacks, and I always thank him for it and more if I had to become rich; it would be due to him)
  • Visit absolutely this investigation article and come back to it whenever needed,
  • HUGE Incomes,
  • Zéro debt,
  • SSL 2048bits,
  • Security with PIN,
  • Second password can be required,
  • Fill the "Profile" link, otherwise your account will be banned,
  • Payment processor account SolidTrustPay only,
  • Transfers to the gateway VX Gateway are limited to $ 9,900 per day on demand,
  • Groups/pages on Facebook,
  • Groupes francophones on Facebook,
  • Individuals or conferences galore videos on Youtube with those who have reached 1200 CP (under MAP 1.0) 1 000 (MAP 2.0), Be careful, do not show your personal dashboard because it is prohibited by the Terms of Services,
  • A lot of Events/conference with national leaders in all country in Europe (check out the MAP Events website),
  • Next MAP 2.0 with a lot of news,
  • Canadians, mexicans and all countries of middle and south american are authorized to register on MAP 2.0,
  • Changing the currency of the US dollar to the euro, 
  • You are not an investissor, but a marketer,
  • Any withdrawals have failed, all withdrawals have been sent,
  • To discover,

Negative Commentaires : 

  • A little complicated at the start,
  • Does not inspire confidence,
  • Stark Graphic into MAP 1.0,
  • Annual fee at $ 24.99, Professional semi-annual at $ 49.99, and semi-annual PrimeTime at $ 99.99 (MAP 1.0), secret for MAP 2.0, because it is prohibited by the ToS,
    • FREE Smooth Sailing Membership up to à 14 Credit Packs,
    • xx.x$ per month New Beginning Membership up to 75 Credit Packs,
    • xx.x$ per month Living The Good Life up to 250 Credit Packs,
    • xx.x$ per month New LifeStyle up to 500 Credit Packs,
    • xx.x$ per month  New LifeStyle up to 1 000 Credit Packs,
  • Purchase Credit Pack at €50 to return €55; it's a bit expensive to get started because it does not take one! Feel free to contact me with valuable advice,
  • In the MAP 2.0, american (USA) market is pulling out, I think that it is not a good decision, but an explanation video : HERE
  • If you sign up with my referral link, please be active by clicking on your minimum daily ads that are 10. I can see no interest in you and me, if you do not spend it; There are success stories, many, only, it is sufficient to know the strategies and implement them. Of these, Patience, probably many more that I will try to put into this article PDF. Good luck !

XV - PDF : 

[PDF] La traduction de la FAQ de MyAdvertisingPays : ICI.
(Please, wait 5 seconds and click on "Skip Ad or Passer l'annonce")

XVI - How can I start with MyAdvertisingPays ?

These informations below will be you very usefull  :

  • Open and register a SolidTrustPay account : HERE, by providing all digital documents required to get a Verified account(SolidTrustPay is a payment and cashout processor identical to PayPal it is simple, secure, stable and confidence), Wait until your account has been VERIFIED, Same thing for VX Gateway with this video : HERE
  • Register to become a member on my MyAdvertisingPays : HERE
  • Once done, Inside MyAdvertisingPays, complete the "Profile" link otherwise your account will be banned
  • Link your reference number of the SolidTrustPay payment processor to your MyAdvertisingPays account to purchase your future Credit Packs,
  • In the "Security" part, you can enter a second password, PIN and secret question, 
  • Buy Credit Packs in the link above "Buy Advertising", scroll through the drop down menu which will be Credit Pack, enter the desired number, paid through :
    • ie your balance
    • ie STP, 
    • ie VX Gateway,
  • In the link above "View Traffic Exchange Ads", you can start clicking your 10 ads of 10-30 seconds to be "Qualified" for the next 24 hours which means to receive the residual incomes AND the commissions of your referrals the next day,
  • Watch your numbers be incremented which are on your Balance and in Quick Stats toutes les 20 minutes,
  • You can also start playing the wheel of fortune (Spin wheel link),
  • That's all ! ! Either a task less than 10 minutes a day to earn euros per day!
  • Build your account! Good luck !

Events :

10/15/2015 : Changes to MAP 2.0 : HERE
12/12/2015 : Second anniversary of MAP : HERE
12/12/2016 : Third birthday of MyAdvertisingPays : HERE


Absolutely read the important information below: ICI

Why MyAdvertisingPays is not a scam, a Ponzi scheme, a pyramidal system, a MLM (Multi Level Marketing), etc ?

No doubt you will be skeptical as everyone with the world of money on the internet and this is normal; You will go on your search engine to look for opinions such as MyAdvertisingPays scams, scams, ponzi and get started for indefinable conversations and opinions ! 

Voici quelques mises au point !

I - is it a scam ? 

Sites will try to limit the delay of payments which is not the case on MyAdvertisingPays!

Sites will tell you that you can put as much money as we can, it's unlimited!

Sites will try to keep your money and find excuses to not pay you right away!

Requests for transfers from SolidTrustPay and VX (credit card) and credits into your bank account are very fast! For MyAdvertisingPays it is SolidTrustPay and VX Gateway processor ! For SoldiTrustPays and VX it is 2-3 days

II - Ponzi ? 

In Release 1.0 of MAP, members are limited to 1 person per household! For MAP Release 2.0, it will be 4, but there will be one condition: that you will not touch the commissions from your downlines living under your roof! This encourages you to get outsiders for receiving your 10% on their purchases!

Then you have a limit of 1 200 Credit Packs (1 000 on MAP 2.0) that you can buy and you should definitely take your money! This is mandatory!

A Ponzi scheme does not make this proposal!

III - Pyramidal ? 

Others might mentioned a pyramid scheme?

All first people will make the money on the following who will registered under them?

We can answer negatively to this allegation as a person over MAP has sponsored Simon Stepsys who is the person who has had the most success in MyAdvertisingPays! he has been shown by various events in Europe that Simon Stepsys is multi-millionaire through MAP and therefore he has exceeded his sponsor in earnings ! Do you understand ? This means that it is not the person who is above you who will be the richest! So we can say that this is not a pyramid scheme!

The second thing we can advance is that you can earn money without sponsoring! You will gain by buying your Credit Packs! The more you will buy Credit Packs, the more you will earn money!

IV - Multi Level Marketing (MLM) ?

Remember also, that in an MLM who are very good programs, you will gain nothing when your (s) Referrals (s) will sponsor a Referrals! While on MyAdvertisingPays the godson of your godson will earn commissions from these purchases by Credit Pack and advertising package! So this is not a MLM!

V - Investments ?
You do not invest, you buy a service which is called the purchase of advertising! An investment is linked to the banking system that is regulated by the Monetary and Financial Code, ie _ banks guarantee an annual percentage or another by the capital market system and the stock market going up and down! which is not the case for MyAdvertisingPays because you buy the advertising as you would do it to advertise a product on TV, radio or print media which are not guaranteed because you can not predict in advance how members will purchase Credit packs and advertising package! Advertising is ruled by the Commercial Code so that it is not the same rules! We speak of shared revenue or residual income on MAP, no interest!

When you are a member of MyAdvertisingPays by buying Credit Packs and advertisements packs to announce your digital products or not (think of cottages for rent, for example), you create / participate in a profit which has then shared with members in dividends of 95%. 

This is not an investment or a business!

VI - Why it is not a business ?
Because you do not have to wait one year for receiving your money!

or wait 30 days if you are employed in a company!

With MyAdvertisingPays you get paid every 20 minutes! Do you understand ?

VII - Why it is not PayToClick ?
You get paid once you have clicked on your ads and othesr $0.01 $0.001!

In MyAdvertisingPays, you are clicking on 10 ads in the traffic exchange that you have to watch because there is a Captcha code in the entry, and click a second time to confirm that you have seen the advertising!

After your 10 clicked ads, you are "qualified" to receive revenue sharing!

VIII - Paiements ?

Payments have been made all time ! Do your research!

Well, I hope to have lit a little more your doubts!

(Source : In private)

Les nouveautés sur la plateforme MyAdvertisingPays 2.0

Source : ICI

Conclusion :

This article is done where you can find:

  • my explanations under investigation form,  
  • my PDF,
  • my opinion of pros and cons,
  • videos in the main European languages,
  • International Events,
  • The news about the new MAP 2.0 release

This site was born on December 2013 In the Mississipi State, but very promising by its system,
successes and testimonials! I have written iteratively to multiple users that I knew on social media ; I always had the answers!

All examples' calculations of losses or profits are only estimates you can win and are not in any way be considered as guarantees. Your success or your failure depends solely on the commitment of the individual!

The MyAdvertisingPays advertising is less expensive and accessible to particular users on the internet over traditional media such as TV, print media, radio. It provides access to more customers through the traffic it generates! 

To generate strong revenues, viable, MyAdvertisingPays platform has made to attract new customers to sell their digital products. Imagine 100 million visitors a month (July 2015 MAP's statistics); this figure represents a very high click-through rates! Advertisers advertise to attract new customers with a simple and easy way by purchasing (and not by investing) advertising that is called Credit Pack $ €50 on MAP 2.0 which includes 550 impressions and 10 credit boosters that returns €55 on MAP 2.0 and you get paid for that !! You are clicking 10 ads of 30 seconds max to be qualified for receiving revenue sharing and that's it! Your account will increment automatically! Your only requirement is that you repeat this practice every day!

All members are satisfied because all members are paid! 3 times per hour, 72 times a day! Even during the practice of a sport, during your vacation or even better while you're sleeping! You earn money without selling anything! Without sponsoring! Without recommending!

Is it faster than waiting for your payday after 30 days?

Your best office and collaborator will be your computer, or else, your mobile phone or tablet ! You do not need any technical knowledge, just knowing to click 10 times during a day is enough and to buy at least a Credit Pack at €50 on MAP 2.0 ! The more you will have Credit Packs, the more you will earn money ! 

Your earnings can be unlimited through the sponsorship system! Up to 10% in package PRIMETIME! (Take a look on the news on MAP 2.0)

Sustainable income through the development of
MyAdvertisingPays 2.0 ! 

Instant cashout or maximum 2 working days to your payment processor from Monday to Friday!

Where does come all this money? The answer is simple! Advertisers want traffic! The advertised websites in MAP have thousands or even millions of visitors every day! For this, they pay Credit Packs or/and advertising spaces like banners for this traffic to get new customers! Remember advertising into traditional media such as TV, radio, newspapers: All advertising space can be bought! MyAdvertisingPays sells advertising space on the web! All proceeds from these advertising spaces have shared with you! 95% of revenues have shared with its members! Members get paid 3 times per hour, 72 times a day!  

Maximum Credit Packs is 1 000 on MAP 2.0 ! The residual income, who has returned, is 55€ on MAP 2.0 per Credit Pack. Or, if you bought 100 Credit Packs at 50€ each, for a total of 5 000€, you will earn $5 500, so a earning of 110%! Or, $500 with 100 Credit Packs !! Just imagine with 1 000 Credit Packs! Do you understand ? 

And this is without 10% inherent in the referrals as package PRIMETIME! Every time one of your referrals will purchase a Credit Pack, then, you will receive 10% of 50€ ! Or, your referrals will purchase some banners (728x90, 468x60, 125x125), you will also earn, 10% from their purchases !

One of the strategies is to buy a Credit Pack once you reach €50 from your balance ! Tools such as marketing emails, e-books, an academic website, videos, local / national events, pages / groups facebook, or a function "Invite friends" are available to promote MyAdvertisingPays ! 

This advertising company, MyAdvertisingPays aka MAP, is honesty, integrity and fair!

Everyone at MAP said : "it is impossible not to make money"


"Whoever does not advertise, dies": Henry Ford

Motivation before to register :

1 - If you do not go after what you want, you will never get it

2 - If you do not ask, the answer is always NO!

3 - If you are not going forward, then you will always be in the same place!

"Doubt clears action !
But, action clears the doubt ...
You have hesitated to ask something ?
So you have been in doubt ...
An advice, take action !"

If you have some questions to ask about How to prove that MAP is not a scam, a ponzi, pyramidal scheme, a MLM, a PTC, about withdrawls, a misunderstanding, etc ..., contact-me by the ways that I put in the tab "à propos" or by writing in the comments !

If you can click on a mouse 10 times per day and every day by having bought at least one ad pack, so, try to register with confidence because the registration is FREE, no cost, no commitment, and to this end, the platform will be available for 30 days in the PRIMETIME package, to become familiar with the system, you will start earning money every 20 minutes. Please visit this website by registering with the red button "Sign Up" that matches to the registration of your account from my referral link below - the only element to check is the full name of your sponsor, who is here, Christophe Leroy:

Please, by signing up and become member on MyAdvertisingPays : HERE


If you wish consult my list of trust PTC websites, please, take a look : HERE.

If you wish consult my list of scams PTC websites, please, take a look : HERE.


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The best for you!


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